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Redmi 10 Prime review: is it worth the price of Rs 12,499?

The Redmi’s Note series is one of the most popular phones in India. But there is still a market for Redmi-branded non-Note number series phones and the Redmi 10 Prime is the latest in that line.

It succeeds the Redmi 9 Prime and 9 Power, but does it offer enough to justify its price? Here is what we think.

Redmi 10 Prime specifications: 6.5-inch FHD + display | 90Hz refresh rate | MediaTek Helio G88 | 4GB / 6GB RAM, 64GB / 128GB storage | 50MP Quad Camera | 6000 mAh battery + 18 W charge |

Redmi 10 Prime: what is good?

Display: Redmi 10 Prime does a few things better than the 9 Prime, and one of them is the new 90Hz IPS LCD panel. It’s a crisp FHD + display with a reasonably bright panel that’s just enough for outdoor use. The 90Hz refresh rate makes using the screen a treat, although it’s still a budget phone and those occasional stutters will always be there.

Redmi 10, redmi 10 prime, redmi 10 prime review, The new FHD + 90Hz IPS LCD panel on the phone is awesome. (Image source: The Indian Express / Chetan Nayak)

Thanks to the great battery life, you will actually be able to use 90Hz all the time without worrying about the battery draining before the day, a luxury that even some mid-range smartphones and flagships cannot offer during the day. a day of intensive use. There’s also the Widevine L1 certification, so you can binge on your favorite shows in HD.

Design: Redmi 9 Prime was a beautiful phone despite its affordability, almost looking like a mini Poco X2. It also borrows from the design language of the Redmi Note 10 series and the Mi 11X series with a glossy back, large camera module and brushed sides. Although it’s still a plastic back, the phone is actually thinner than the Redmi 9 Prime despite having a considerably larger battery. It also doesn’t skip over the 3.5mm jack.

Redmi 10, redmi 10 prime, redmi 10 prime review, Appearances are subjective and while we prefer the more minimal approach of the 9 Prime, you might prefer the 10 Prime. (Image source: The Indian Express / Chetan Nayak)

The company has also managed to install a USB-C port, stereo speaker implementation, and fingerprint scanner built into the power button, so you don’t have to compromise. Appearances are subjective and while we prefer the 9 Prime’s more minimal approach, you might prefer the 10 Prime.

Battery life: Bigger batteries are always better. That’s exactly why we like the Redmi 10 Prime’s 6,000mAh battery capacity, which is already an upgrade from last year’s 5,020mAh battery. This gives the phone enough juice for two days even with moderate use, and you’d be really hard pressed to kill the battery in a single day with average use cases.

A bonus is support for reverse charging, which you can use to charge devices like headphones and portable devices, making the phone a 6000mAh power bank when needed.

Redmi 10 Prime: What’s wrong?

Cameras: Redmi 10 Prime cameras aren’t bad. However, they’re not far above what you’d expect either. Considering the big deal the company made about the 50MP camera on the back, we expected more details, which turned out to be average. Colors may appear slightly less saturated in images where you would expect them to appear.

Redmi 10, redmi 10 prime, redmi 10 prime review, The Redmi 10 Prime delivers a slightly underwhelming, albeit not bad, camera experience, (Image source: The Indian Express / Chetan Nayak)

Night mode, however, worked extremely well in low-light scenarios and did a good job of capturing light. Meanwhile, the performance of the ultra-wide sensor and front-facing camera was quite good for the price.

Discover our samples by clicking on the image below.

Redmi 10 Prime

Price / performance ratio: The starting price of the Redmi 10 Prime of Rs 12,499 seemed to be staggered from the start, given that the phone doesn’t offer a big upgrade over last year’s variant in terms of performance, which , in a budget phone, should be the primary consideration.

Make no mistake, the Helio G88 is a capable processor for a budget device. It is quick in everyday tasks and can handle casual games while high end games can run with below average performance. However, in a practical sense, the Redmi 9 Prime with the Helio G80 could do most of that at Rs 2,000 less.

Redmi 10, redmi 10 prime, redmi 10 prime review, The phone has a center-aligned punch-hole front camera. (Image source: The Indian Express / Chetan Nayak)

A 90Hz display is great, as is a bigger battery, but a faster chip or a lower starting price for the same chip would have made the phone a better proposition. The same goes for the slower charging speed of 18W, which could have been faster considering the price hike.

Verdict: should you buy the Redmi 10 Prime?

The Redmi 10 Prime is a good phone overall, but its price point currently makes it a bit of a harsh recommendation. Performance should be your top priority when buying a budget phone, as it can help you run more apps and games, and make the device slightly more scalable.

If the performance boost that usually comes with a back-to-back device isn’t a big deal for you, and you can really use a 90Hz refresh rate display at a lower price, then the Redmi 10 Prime is a good choice. . However, in terms of value for money, the Redmi 9 Prime would still be a better buy for most. On that note, maybe a good discount this upcoming holiday season could shake things up.

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