PS5 restocking on Black Friday 2021 – what we know so far

The Black Friday deals have arrived. The day itself may still be over a month away, but retailers are already offering serious savings on a range of products. However, one of the biggest questions buyers are currently asking is whether there will be a restocking of the PS5 on Black Friday this year.

Over the past year, restockings for the PS5 have been extremely difficult to locate, as the supply of Sony’s flagship gaming console has never been able to keep up with the overwhelming demand. Plus, the number of people looking to get a PS5 will only increase as the holiday season approaches.

Frustratingly, as it stands, we cannot give a definitive answer to the above burning question. Retailers often abandon restocking the PS5 without any warning, and on the rare occasion that an announcement is made before, we usually get a warning a day or two before a drop, not weeks in advance. We reached out to Target, Sony, and Walmart for this story. Target has declined to share information about potential restockings, and they have yet to respond.

While we can’t yet confirm or deny whether there will be a restocking of the PS5 on Black Friday, we can make an educated guess about the likelihood of something happening. Looking at previous sales events in 2021, as well as what happened last year, we can get a sense of the likelihood of a PS5 restocking on Black Friday 2021.

Below, we’ll outline what we expect to see in terms of PS5 restocking on Black Friday, and be sure to check out the best Black Friday PS5 deals that are already on the way. Additionally, if you want to further increase your chances of getting a unit before the end of the year, Sony is currently taking registrations for invitation-only replenishments during the holiday season, so be sure to sign up.

Will there be a PS5 restock on Black Friday 2021?


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That’s the big question, and sadly, it’s not a question we don’t yet have a firm answer to – knowing how retailers often handled restocking for the PS5, we might not even know. before the arrival of Black Friday itself.

Black Friday is the biggest shopping season of the year, so every retailer will see hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic shoppers flock to their online and physical stores hoping for a bargain. Retailers may not want to combine this traffic with the hordes of gamers looking for a PS5 restock.

We have seen retailers struggle to cope with the sheer volume of traffic generated by Black Friday in the past. Online stores will sometimes crash or experience technical glitches. The addition of crowds of gamers also trying to buy a PS5 and this could be a recipe for serious server overload.

However, despite this potential issue, we would say the odds of a Black Friday PS5 restock seem pretty high. At the very least, we expect several retailers to drop PS5 inventory in the days leading up to the sales event, or the potential immediately afterwards as part of their Cyber ​​Monday deals.

PS5 Black Friday last year – what happened

Last year, we saw several retailers take new console orders during Black Friday week. GameStop, for example, hosted an in-store replenishment on Black Friday itself. Meanwhile, Walmart had restocked online the day before Thanksgiving.

Earlier this year, Amazon hosted a PS5 and Xbox Series X replenishment to cap Prime Day 2021. There’s a good chance retailers will want to use a PS5 replenishment as a way to entice users to their websites to browse the stores. pages of available discounts. .

Granted, nothing is set in stone at the moment, but we expect at least a handful of retailers to drop PS5 restocking during and around Black Friday 2021. We’ll keep you posted throughout. from our PS5 replenishment center, so make sure you have bookmarked it and check it regularly.

PS5 replenishment tracker – stores to check

Will the PS5 be delivered for Black Friday 2021?


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We don’t need a crystal ball to answer this one, the odds of a PS5 discount on Black Friday 2021 are almost certainly nil. While Black Friday offers discounts on a range of top-selling products, including many in-game items, the PS5 is basically guaranteed to be excluded from the list of discounted items.

The PS5 remains one of the most sought-after products in the world right now. Resellers continue to suck inventory to sell at inflated prices, and retailers cannot keep the console on digital store shelves for more than a few minutes. Frankly, in the current climate, even being able to buy a PS5 at retail is considered a bargain.

Sony has no reason to offer any form of rebate on a product that is in such overwhelming demand. There will be a day when the PS5 receives its first price drop, but it won’t come in 2021 and there’s a very good chance that won’t happen in 2022 either.

Of course, that’s not to say that nothing PS5-related will be discounted this Black Friday. Expect to see some of the best PS5 games like Returnal, Deathloop, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on sale at various retailers. Third-party accessories such as headsets, charging cradles and controller skins are also very likely to be offered, maybe even some of the official Sony accessories will be cut down to mark the occasion.

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