Prime Video releases trailer for Legend of Vox Machina animated series

The legend of Vox Machina is based on the extremely popular live broadcast Dungeon & Dragons-webseries based on critical role.

Turbulent misfits turned mercenaries become unlikely heroes in Red Band trailer for The legend of Vox Machina, a new animated fantasy series for adults coming to Prime Video.

The series has an inspiring origin story. A group of professional voice actors gathered to perform Dungeons & Dragons, and when actress Felicia Day (Eureka, the guild) heard about the game, she invited the actors to perform live on her YouTube channel, Geek & Miscellaneous. (Day herself played a guest role as a human wizard named Lyra.) Voice actor Matthew Mercer served as the dungeon master, and the campaigns took place in a fictional world he created. called Exandria. The web series critical role was born.

Finally, the people of critical role formed their own production company and parted ways with Geek & Sundry in February 2019, airing new shows on their Tic and Youtube chains and the launch of a derivative comic. The episodes are typically three to five hours long and between 30,000 and 40,000 people watch them live each week. Add in VOD and YouTube, and most episodes garner around 1 million views each week, which makes critical role in good faith mini media empire.

After failing to spark Hollywood interest in creating an animated series based on their campaigns, the critical role the cast decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign to create their own 22 minute animation, essentially a prequel covering the events of the streaming portion of the campaign. They hoped to raise $ 750,000 and surpassed that goal within an hour of launch, raising over $ 4.3 million and surpassing all of their lofty goals by the end of day one.

The members of Vox Machina are misfits turned mercenaries who become unlikely heroes.
Enlarge / The members of Vox Machina are misfits turned mercenaries who become unlikely heroes.

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By the time the Kickstarter closed on April 19, 2019, the project had raised more than $ 11.3 million, and critical roleThe members of have decided to expand the project into an animated series of 10 episodes. It is one of the fastest-funded projects in Kickstarter history, raising more money than the high-profile Kickstarter campaigns for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Véronique Mars feature film.

It’s the kind of money that is catching Hollywood’s attention, and Prime Video quickly acquired the streaming rights to The legend of Vox Machina. The studio ordered two additional episodes of season 1 and renewed the series for a second season of 12 additional episodes. The pandemic has delayed the series premiere, which was originally scheduled for June 2020, but the series is now set to debut later this month.

All of the original actors will reprise their characters for the series, with the exception of Orion Acaba’s character, Tiberius. (Apparently Acaba fell out with the rest of the critical role the team at the start of the first streaming campaign and left the game.) Mercer plays Sylas Briarwood; Ashley Johnson plays a gnomic cleric named Pike Trickfoot; Travis Willingham plays the barbarian goliath Grog Strongjaw; Laura Bailey plays the half-elf ranger Vex; Liam O’Brien plays the rogue half-elf Vax; Taliesin Jaffe plays the human gunslinger Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski from Rolo III (“Percy” for short); Marisha Ray plays the half-elf Druid Keyleth of the Air Ashari; and Sam Riegel plays the gnome bard Scanlan Shorthalt.

According to the official premise:

Based on beloved characters and the adventures of critical rolethe first tabletop role-playing game (RPG) campaign broadcast live, The legend of Vox Machina is an animated fantasy adventure series for adults that follows Vox Machina, a group of misfits with a penchant for alcohol and fighting. In a desperate attempt to pay off their mount bar tab, these unlikely heroes find themselves on a quest to save the kingdom of Exandria from dark magical forces. From a sinister necromancer to a powerful curse, the group face a variety of obstacles that test not only their skills, but the strength of their bond as well.

The first two episodes will tell a new story starring all seven of the Vox Machina team, set before the events of the first streaming campaign. The rest of S1 will adapt Briarwood’s story arc from the first campaign, incorporating a few other classic story arcs as well. The team travel to Percy’s ancestral home, Whitestone, which his family once ruled until Lord and Lady Blackwood kill most of his family and take control. The Briarwoods are also very attached to necromancy and a secret cult, and Vox Machina must stop them from performing a dangerous ritual that would endanger everyone in the kingdom.

The legend of Vox Machina premieres on Prime Video on January 28, 2022. You can also log on to critical roleThe third ongoing campaign, which premiered last October on Twitch and YouTube.

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