OnePlus 10 Pro launch is just a long tease – and that’s the problem

Just when you think OnePlus has started to grow, the company is slipping back into some weird marketing gimmick. This time around, the Chinese phone maker decided to kick off an elaborate series of teases ahead of the launch of its latest phone, the OnePlus 10 Pro, in China – don’t even get me started on the bizarre decision to launch the phone internationally. months later.

We’ve had three announcements at the time of writing, each detailing a bit more information (the first on the OnePlus 10 Pro’s design, the next on its specs, and the third on its cameras). Teasing is fine, but drip feeding information like this is just plain boring.

Have confidence in your product and advertise it bluntly. Tell us why we should care. This attempt to dominate the news cycle, especially during CES 2022, is OnePlus’ maximum vanity.

I’ll walk you through how things work in this industry in case you didn’t already know. Companies offer to send us information in advance as long as we agree to an embargo (or NDA, if you prefer). Usually it’s just an embargo that tells us about the product in detail so that we can have articles about it ready for all of you when it’s announced.

(Image credit: OnePlus)

In this circumstance, OnePlus chose not one, not two or even three, but four separate embargoes for the OnePlus 10 Pro. It’s practically asking a journalist to accidentally post something that he shouldn’t be posting. Publications (and sometimes the companies themselves) unintentionally violate embargoes frequently enough that many authors and publishers are extremely careful to check scheduled publication times.

OnePlus takes this route frustrated me to the utmost. Of course, OnePlus gets extra attention whenever one of the embargoes is lifted. And of course, we’re directly fueling the intention to generate hype before launch. I totally see why OnePlus did this, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. This also does not mean that the press should not reprimand the company for this behavior.

From the old days to trying to steal Samsung’s thunder around the latest set of foldables, OnePlus refuses to grow. He likes to act like the upstart underdog he was, but he isn’t anymore. OnePlus is a major player in the smartphone market, particularly in its country of origin and in India. I wouldn’t excuse this behavior from Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple (as if it ever happens).

And even if OnePlus was still the small phone maker that could, I’d still castigate that behavior. This is a short term gain with a situation of long term consequences. OnePlus may enjoy the attention it needs now, but what about the next time it tries to make the hype? There is only a limited amount of people, media or consumers, who are willing to tolerate.

So, OnePlus, just announce the phone. We will all be better off for it. Thank you.


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