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Nissan uses certified smellers to check the smell of new cars

Do you remember the smell of your car before the smells of fast food, infant regurgitation, dog mess and the desperate efforts of air fresheners started to dominate?

Auto giant Nissan takes the smell of a new car very seriously, so much so that it employs “certified scents” to ensure its customers have a pleasant olfactory experience when they step inside for the first time. one of his cars. And I hope the second and third time too.

The Japanese automaker just released a video revealing why it thinks a new car’s smell is just as important as how it looks and feels.

Tori Keerl, materials engineer at Nissan Tech Center near Detroit, works as one of its certified odors. She explains in the video how she goes about her duties, sniffing various parts of a car’s interior to make sure the smells are of a particular level.

“I think a new car smell improves the driver’s experience,” Keerl says. “It is very important to American customers that a new car smell reminds them of the memory of buying their first car. It makes them really excited about the possibilities of what this new car will bring them. “

Becoming an odor tester at Nissan involves several scent sessions covering a wide range of smells. “Once you’ve been tested and passed all five scents, you’re on the scent board,” says Keerl.

As part of his job, a Nissan tester will use his carefully trained nose to smell various parts of the vehicle’s interior. They will then make a list of the good smells and bad smells they find, and use the data gathered to determine if the car meets Nissan’s strict odor requirements.

Keerl says the smell of a new vehicle gradually changes over the years as automakers turn to using natural products, which should be easier on the nasal lining of not only testers, but also client.

The Certified Smell says she finds her job fascinating and enjoys telling others about what she does.

Nissan notes that Keerl recently inhaled his Pathfinder 2022 SUV, although the automaker refuses to describe its smell. New, probably.

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