Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Nickelodeon Star Brawl quickly established itself as a fun alternative to Smash bros. It takes itself a little less seriously and lets you play from a wide variety of characters spanning decades. Whether you wanted to fight as Toph from The last air Master or Spongebob Squarepants itself, you can do that. Add in support for up to four players, and it’s a game anyone can enjoy.

The problem is, with so many characters to choose from and a wide variety of styles to experiment with, it can be difficult for newcomers to know how they should play. These tips and tricks will get you started and give you the edge you need to be successful.

Note: Before getting into the gameplay, keep in mind that settings like health, lives, etc. can be changed in the settings. Feel free to adjust the game modes to make everyone feel comfortable with them.

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Control your air recoveries

As with Smash Bros., this platform game is heavily focused on staying grounded – one of the most dangerous events for your character is getting knocked off a platform or being bullied. There are several things you can do to deal with this, and the most important is to master your air scavenging movements. This is usually a bouncing or floating move specifically designed to help you get back onto a platform right after your descent (usually a combo of jumps of some sort, but sometimes attack moves as well). Recovery moves and their behavior, distance etc. can vary greatly from character to character, so when you pick up a new character start jumping and spamming for a while to get a feel for its operation.

Second, most stages have one or more main platforms which will remain the same even if the rest of the map changes. Always be aware of the location of the main platform (s), so you know to come back to them if you ever have any issues.

Nick All Star Brawl launch character.

Don’t underestimate blocking

Blocking is a lifeline in more ways than one Nickelodeon Star Brawl. First, blocking attacks will drastically reduce the percentage of damage you take. If you see someone completing a Heavy Attack, you can Block for your life. Second, blocking has the unique ability to put you into rapid fall mode. If you’ve just been tossed into the air or are floating a bit longer than you wanted to, you can press your lock button to shoot down on a nearby platform instead. This helps dodge devastating aerial attacks that can knock you off the screen or really put you at a disadvantage.

Practice your powerful attacks

As the game progresses, powerful attacks become more and more important. These attacks – as well as certain types of special attacks depending on the character – have the ability to “kill” other characters entirely by causing them to explode… as long as their health percentage is low enough.

Practice with your strong attack button and combine it with different directions to see what strong attacks look like. Have at least one powerful attack ready to go when your opponents start to have low health and become vulnerable to a kill move.

Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl pirate course.

Know how to ventilate the dashboard and the wave dashboard

Air dashing (jumping, then aiming in a specific direction with an attack) allows you a lot of control over where you fall (especially when combined with shield drop). Get used to running with a specific goal, choosing a specific platform or angle of attack – just spamming a dash every time you jump or fall could put you in more danger than at the beginning. But get started at the right time and you could doom a reckless opponent who is now in a bad position in the air.

If you jump and immediately dash at an angle to the ground, you’ll perform a wave dash, a kind of rapid roll along the ground. This is very useful for bypassing enemy attacks and surprising them from behind, although it takes a bit of practice to get there. It’s one way to help end the “dash dance” that sometimes goes on if you time it correctly.

Confuse opponents with special moves

Each character has their set of special moves, often heavy attacks, projectiles, or dodges that can give them an advantage. For example, Sandy Cheeks can use Rocket Pack to jump extremely high, and the Sheriff can lasso and lure an enemy nearby for the next attack.

Promotions can be very powerful, but it’s important not to spam them. As you learn to use your specials, mix them up with normal attacks to let people guess. Otherwise, other players will quickly learn how to dodge or counter your specials, and you will find them more underwhelming than they should be. Over time, you will learn which promotions take advantage of the situation.

Level pirate Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Choose a character to master

When you’re ready to master a favorite character, start combining their speed moves, cooldowns, specials, and attacks to see what works best. You’ll quickly see that some characters are strong from a distance, some are strong up close, some perform well at mid-range, and some are just much weirder than others. If a character isn’t working for you, maybe you’re using them too far or too close – or not taking advantage of some of their more unique nimble moves. For example, each character has at least one or two dashes that you should know once you’re comfortable with.

Be aggressive with projectiles

In Star Brawl, the best way to deal with projectiles is to get in their face. Attack a projectile at the right time (your basic stationary fast attack is good for this), and it will come back in the opposite direction. Or you can use your throwing motion to catch it and then drop it on a certain opponent. This can only be done twice, after which the projectile will be boosted and invincible, so be careful.

When confident, uppercut

Uppercut moves are a great way to start juggling unexpected enemies, and even new players will be able to use it to their advantage. Find which uppercut moves, and be prepared to use them against a reckless opponent for the best results. Once in the air, you can quickly hit them again, grab them for a toss in the air, or prepare them for an attack from another player.


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