Netflix adds “Play Something” feature to its Android app

Netflix has confirmed that its “Play Something” feature will now be available to all Netflix users on Android. The video streaming service began testing the feature earlier this year in April, in select markets on Android devices. The feature helps users discover new content, based on what they have already watched.

Netflix’s new feature is the company’s own version of the “shuffle” feature offered by many streaming services. It’s important to note that the Play Something feature has been available on the desktop for quite some time now and Android users will now have access to it.

According to a report by The edge, iOS users will not get the feature immediately. Fortunately, Netflix has announced that it will start testing Play Something on iOS in the near future. This means that the iPhone and iPad may have to wait until next year to take advantage of this feature.

Additionally, Netflix has also launched another feature called “Fast Laughs”. It’s a TikTok-like feature for movies and TV shows on the platform. Released on iOS in March, provides a dedicated tab that features scenes from its popular comedy series, movies, and stand-up specials.

The feature is now launching in select markets including Australia, Canada, Ireland, India, Malaysia, Philippines, US and UK.

Netflix has also confirmed that it will also launch its long-awaited “Downloads for You” tool on iOS next month. Currently, the option of downloading movies and TV shows to watch offline based on viewing history is only available on Android devices.

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