My favorite gadget from CES 2022 is L’Oréal’s hair coloring device – and I need it now

When I first saw the L’Oreal Colorsonic, a new, high-tech device for coloring your hair at home, I thought to myself, “Wow, I really could have used it during the pandemic. ”

I quarantined for several months with my mother and sister. Before the lockdown, the three of us had our hair professionally dyed in a salon – nothing intense, just basic blonde highlights for my sister and I and dark red roots touched up for my mom. Yet, as it became clear that hair salons would remain closed for more than a few weeks, we had to give some thought to coloring our manes at home.

Was I naive to think that using the canned tincture would be a cinch? Absoutely. I’ve fumbled through every step of the hair coloring process at home, from choosing the right shade at CVS to mixing the chemicals to evenly applying the dye. We also did a Jackson Pollock painting of the bathroom.

It’s safe to say that by the time our regular lounges reopened, we made appointments to reverse the stained and mismatched mess we made.

But I think if we had had the Colorsonic, our date with the hair dye could have turned into a long-term lifestyle change. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a year on hair coloring, as well as hours in the salon, we could successfully retouch our hair whenever we want from the comfort of our home.

The ColorSonic looks a lot like a normal hair tool – in fact, it reminds me of the Dyson AirWrap with the brush. Instead of styling your hair, the brush swings to comb evenly amounts of dye through your strands without the color splashing onto your clothes or countertops.

L’Oréal’s Colorsonic collection will include 40 different colors, from reds and blondes and blacks to “bold” colors, as the global vice president of technology incubator L’Oréal, Guive Balooch, explained in a statement. interview at CES 2022. Device and product will be compatible. with all hair lengths and types of curls, too.

The color is supplied in airless cartridges which, when inserted into the machine, combine the dye and activator in small portions as needed. This way the product won’t go to waste, and if you have short hair or just want a little touch-up at the roots, you can theoretically stretch a single pod over multiple uses. Canned dyes don’t offer the same option, because once you mix the dye and activator, the product is only viable for a limited time.

Most other common questions or uncertainties about hair coloring at home can be resolved in the Colorsonic companion app. For some reason, I’m going to skip the reading instructions on a physical box, but I will follow the instructions in the app like my life depends on it. And the app would have pointed me to the correct red color my mom needed and then brought me to a place to buy the corresponding cartridges online.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until early 2023 to see if the L’Oreal Colorsonic is as convenient to use and maintain as it claims. The company has also not released pricing information. I could argue for shell out $ 550 for the Dyson AirWrap, but the Colorsonic can’t cost more than that, or as much as I would spend at the salon over the course of, say, a year.


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