MSI unveils its bestial MEG Z690 GODLIKE motherboard delivered with a detachable touch screen

Mother of all boards: You will need a sturdy pair of hands to hold and install the MEG Z690 GODLIKE in an equally sturdy and spacious case. After all, MSI’s newest and highest-end motherboard weighs 6.6 pounds (~ 4 kg) and is classified as an E-ATX product, measuring 305 x 310mm. This passionate grade hardware for the Intel Alder Lake platform costs $ 2,099, a figure that will hurt less when you consider the included AIO cooler and 32GB DDR5 RAM kit.

MSI’s new MEG Z690 GODLIKE is a limited edition motherboard for die-hard gamers who have already purchased an older GODLIKE motherboard or purchased and registered an MSI RTX 3080 or 3090 GPU. This new board will also require a full tower case, reckoning given its E-ATX form factor. With those two requirements out of the way, eligible owners will likely find this rugged Z690 board as the best place to install their Alder Lake processor.

The main highlight of this motherboard is the included 3.5-inch 480 x 800px touchscreen which has a rear-mounted speaker and attaches to the board via a magnetic USB-C port. It can also run externally in wired mode and allows processor overclocking, access to various system functions (clear CMOS, start / restart) and display system information (temperature, pump speed) in portrait mode or countryside.

Although MSI has yet to create a product page, the company’s weekly magazine live event gave a full overview of this card, including its datasheet shared below:

As expected, the Z690 GODLIKE offers plenty of connectivity options and premium features, including an all-aluminum design, tempered glass for protection, and a metal backplate. The $ 2,099 pack for this card includes a MEG S360 AIO processor cooler and 32GB of Kingston DDR5-6000 memory.

MSI plans to start selling this material in the next few months (end of January / beginning of February). Considering the target audience of the MEG Z690 GODLIKE, it will be rare to find one in the wild.


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