Motorola is preparing a third foldable Razr with a more powerful chipset

To sum up: Aside from the iPhone, there is arguably no other phone model with more brand recognition than the Razr. Motorola had a real chance to lead the foldables push when it brought back the iconic brand, but managed to mess up the opportunity – twice.

Both foldables were hampered by mid-range hardware and sky-high prices, but hopefully that won’t be the case this time around.

Lenovo executive Chen Jin in a recent Weibo post shared details regarding the third generation Razr. As pointed out in the translated passage, the new phone will have a more powerful chipset, improved interface, and changed appearance.

The first modern Razr started at $ 1,499, and the second generation was not far from $ 1,399. The latter has since fallen to only $ 799.99, but even at that price, it’s a tough sell considering its poor hardware.

Since then, Samsung has taken the lead in the emerging foldables category after getting off to a slow start. The company’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3 topped sales of its traditional Galaxy S and Note series, although that may change with the Galaxy S22 Ultra apparently. just around the corner.

Jin’s post suggests that the third-generation Razr could debut in China, although that’s not a certainty given the spotty translation. We could get more information at CES next week, assuming the device is far enough advanced in production that Motorola is comfortable sharing it publicly.


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