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Moderna COVID-19 vaccine produces long-lasting immune response, study finds

The immunity generated by the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine lasts for at least six months, and there is no indication that those vaccinated will need a booster, according to a study.

The research, published in the journal Science, noted that this six-month time is critical because that is when true immune memory is formed. While the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine led to strong immune and antibody responses for at least six months after clinical trial participants were fully vaccinated, it is likely that the immune response could last for much longer, the researchers said. researchers.

They also show that this strong immune memory lasted across all age groups tested, including those over 70, a demographic group particularly vulnerable to severe COVID-19.

“The immune memory was stable, and it was impressive. It is a good indicator of the durability of mRNA vaccines, ”said Shane Crotty, professor at the La Jolla Institute for Immunology (LJI) in the United States. Researchers compared recovered COVID-19 patients to vaccine trial participants who received a 25 microgram dose of Moderna vaccine during Phase 1 clinical trials.

“We wanted to see if a quarter of the dose is able to induce an immune response,” said study lead author Jose Mateus Trivino, postdoctoral researcher at LJI. “We had the opportunity to receive samples from participants in the original Moderna Phase 1 trial who had received two 25 microgram injections of the vaccine, 28 days apart,” Trivino said.

This vaccine dose is a quarter of the 100 microgram dose of Moderna urgently authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the researchers are unsure whether this lower dose is as effective as the standard dose, the study shows that the response of T cells and antibodies in the lower dose group is still strong.

They found that the Moderna vaccine stimulates an adaptive immune response to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein almost identical to the immune system’s response to natural infection. The coronavirus uses the spike protein to enter and infect cells.

“The answer is comparable. It is neither higher nor lower, ”said Daniela Weiskopf, assistant research professor at LJI. The study also shows the power of “cross-reacting” T cells, immune cells that trigger a faster and better antibody response. The researchers found that people with cross-reacting T cells had significantly stronger antibody responses to both doses of the vaccine. “If you have this immune reactivity, your immune system can react more quickly against the virus. And many studies have shown that how quickly the immune system responds is key, ”the researchers added.

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