Minecraft hits the trillion milestone on YouTube

Long before the metaverse became the number one destination for tech companies and honeymooners, there was Minecraft. It’s a platform that started out as a video game about dodging explosions of hissing, cactus-shaped creatures and has grown into the blank canvas on which millions of gamers create their content, download it, and generate billions of dollars. views, literally. Today, YouTube, in collaboration with Minecraft developer Mojang, celebrates an unprecedented trillionth view (one trillion with a T) with a glimpse into the game’s unique and transformative history on the platform.

MinecraftLydia Winters’ chief storyteller credits the game’s trillions of views to her team’s respect for the myriad of ways gamers use Minecraft to tell their stories.

“We have people who go on adventures and people who build and people who play together, and all of those ways of playing are important to us,” she says. The edge. Like MinecraftChief Storyteller of, his team’s job is to create and manage a world in which players want to create. This possibility of all kinds of storytelling has been essential to the game’s almost untouchable popularity.

“The reason why Minecraft has been so successful on YouTube, it’s because YouTube videos are a way of telling stories, ”she says. “So when you have Minecraft, and you can tell any story in one Minecraft world, that’s a big reason we have so many people creating Minecraft contents.”

By the numbers, MinecraftS YouTube community has over 35,000 creators in over 150 countries. The type of content on YouTube ranges from a simple “Let’s Plays” role-playing game to videos that do not feature real gameplay. Minecraft at all.

Earnest Pettie, Culture and Trends Manager at YouTube, is tasked with keeping track of all the weird and savage ways gamers use Minecraft on the site. He is fascinated by one designer in particular who uses the Minecraft aesthetic and is popular in the Minecraft community without actually playing the game.

“It’s interesting that one of the biggest trends on Minecraft is actually an animation, and it’s an animation created with Minecraft or an animation derived from Minecraft aesthetic, ”says Petite. “There’s this creator named Jake Fellman, who creates YouTube short films. He created about 100 Inspired by Minecraft short films that are in fact computer animation. It is one of the most watched Minecraft this year’s creators.

Fellman’s videos are hyper-realistic 15-second bursts, “What if Minecraft the graphics were rendered with the Unreal Engine 5 ″ shorts which feature cute interactions with monsters or sheep and garner over a million views at a time.

YouTube has a fascinating breakdown of the game’s history on its platform over the past 11 years, with stats, charts, and facts about what it took to make 1 trillion views.

It is interesting to see how the kinds of Minecraft videos change over time as they decrease in popularity. In Minecraftthe first years of, the views of several million times have been music video parodies from Minecraft familiar names like Captain Sparlez. Now, Dream (who recently won a Game Award for Content Creator of the Year) topped the charts with his Minecraft manhunt series which features his friends trying to stop Dream from completing the game by any means necessary.

Minecraft is the most popular game on YouTube ever. In 2020, it recorded over 200 billion views; second place – which oddly was Roblox, another sandbox-style game – won less than half of that. Part of this seemingly untouchable popularity is due to Minecraftis nature. It’s an open space for all kinds of creations and iterations on that creation in a way that no other video game can boast. The other reason, according to Pettie, is community.

“A trillion views doesn’t happen without the creative ingenuity of all the creators who uploaded Minecraft videos over the years, ”he says.


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