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Microsoft recommends an important security feature of Windows 11

Ransomware is an ever-growing threat, and that’s why Microsoft strongly recommends that you enable its new security feature in Windows 11. As TechRadar reports, the tech giant encourages users to turn on tamper protection in Microsoft Defender.

Tamper Protection has a number of features designed to protect you against ransomware, and all of these are free as part of Windows 11.

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As part of the final release of its security setup, Microsoft recommends using the Tamper Protection feature to prevent third parties from tampering with your security settings, especially during installations.

Microsoft recommends it for companies transferring to Windows 11, but it’s recommended for everyone. The feature was originally released in 2019 and is available for Windows 10 and Windows Server 2022/2019/2016.

In Microsoft’s own words:

“In some types of cyber attacks, attackers try to turn off security features, such as virus protection, on your machines. Bad actors like to turn off your security features to more easily access your data, install malware, or otherwise exploit your data, identity, and devices. Protection against tampering helps prevent these kinds of things from happening.

Tamper Protection will lock down Microsoft Defender’s default settings and ensure that they are not changed during the installation process. These parameters include:

  • Disabling protection against viruses and threats
  • Disabling real-time protection
  • Disable behavior monitoring
  • Disable antivirus
  • Disabling Cloud-Provided Protection
  • Removal of Security Intelligence Updates

If you are wondering what ransomware is, it is a unique form of malware that locks down a user’s system and will not release the data until the user has paid money for it. Ransomware started to gain traction in 2013, and the problem has only worsened since then.

Ransomware is particularly difficult because it is resistant to system resets and even hard drive swaps. While antivirus companies have developed solutions to counter ransomware, the best way to fight it is not to get it in the first place.

If you are planning to upgrade to Windows 11, this will be an important step to take. Businesses are not the only targets of ransomware attacks.


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