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MaskGun, a shooting game made in India, has crossed 50 million players

Battlegrounds Mobile India has some competition, and this time it’s coming from a local gamer, which actually launched in 2019. MaskGun, which is an India-based first-person shooter (FPS) game, got it right. to meet 50 million users. It’s a rare achievement for a game that was created in India, especially since it hasn’t experienced the kind of hype that others like FAU: G have seen in the past.

The title was developed by the Indian company SuperGaming, based in Pune. To celebrate this achievement, MaskGun is expected to offer 50 hours of double XP and in-game gold this weekend for the first time.

“When we launched MaskGun we weren’t expecting to have the impact it had and the outpouring of love from the MaskGun family inspired us to be better. Their support made the trip to 50 millions – and beyond – was worth it. In the weeks to come, we’ll be highlighting these community heroes as our way of celebrating their stories that our game has been fortunate enough to host in some way ” said Roby John, CEO and co-founder in a press release.

The multiplayer shooter is available on Android and iOS devices, and the company claims that over 56 million users play the game and the company has managed to attract a large global and Indian audience. In a previous interview with MakoReactor, the CEO of the company, Roby John, revealed that after the ban of PUBG Mobile in 2020, they saw their Indian audience increase by almost 40 to 45%.

This is an online multiplayer game. The game which launched in January 2019 runs on the June engine and is built entirely by the team from Pune, India.

According to an official statement, MaskGun has seen players shoot more than 46.7 billion bullets, resulting in more than 4.6 billion in-game deaths. Additionally, 542 million killings are headshots, since MaskGun was first available. The game has a vocal community of over 1.3 million clans with a total of 23 million hours of playtime.


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