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Looking to buy the iPhone 13? A 36-month contract might be the best solution

If you’ve been in the market for a new iPhone lately, you’ll have seen that Apple has released four new devices. In typical Apple fashion, these devices aren’t too cheap, but, there are means of lowering prices.

One of these ways is to sign a 36 month contract. If you know you want to keep the device longer than the normal two-year lifespan, you can get a much cheaper price by adding an extra year.

While there are a few networks that do, Sky Mobile does it with the lowest overall costs. Via Sky, you can get iPhone 13 deals starting at just £ 33 per month. The iPhone 13 mini is even cheaper starting at £ 30 per month.

As for the two larger Pro devices, Sky Mobile can start at £ 39 per month for the iPhone 13 Pro deals and for the larger iPhone 13 Pro Max, at just £ 43 per month.

You can read more about these cheap rates below and how Sky’s 36-month contracts work.

Sky’s best iPhone 13 deals right now:

What is Sky Mobile’s Swap24?

It does require a few more gray cells to work, but Sky Mobile’s Swap24 tariff can be a great way to get your new phone and know you’ll have the option to upgrade later.

Essentially, Swap24 is a 36 month contract with an option to upgrade after 24 months. As long as your phone is in top working order, you can return it to Sky after 24 months, which will help pay the bills for any shiny new handset you choose to upgrade in two years.

If you get to 24 months with your new iPhone 13 and decide you want to keep it for the rest of the contract, you can do that as well.

Although the principle is simple, it is important to note that Sky states on its website “full working order without physical damage”.

You can also trade in your phone anytime after the first 31 days, you just need to pay off your contract balance after taking into account the value of your phone.

Why choose Sky Mobile?

Beyond the obvious reason for the affordable prices above, Sky Mobile has a few special features that set it apart:

To roll: Don’t use all of your data in a month? No problem! Sky will let you postpone it until next month. You can continue to transfer data for up to three years, perfect if there is a time when you don’t need it anymore. You can even redeem your unused data for a range of rewards from Sky or gift it to other phones if you’re on a family account.

To concern: If you are also a Sky TV customer, you can watch the Sky Go app on your mobile without using any data on your phone – perfect for train travel.

To mix together: Go for one of the prices above, and if you later realize that your chosen data cap isn’t enough, you can change it at any time.

To exchange: Sky allows you to trade in your phone contract after 24 months, which means you can upgrade to a new phone if you want. Obviously, you’ll have to pay the price for the upgraded contract, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward. To be clear, Sky’s Swap 24 plans allow you to stay under contract for 36 months.

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