LG’s New Recipe Service Uses Walmart and Amazon Fresh to Deliver Ingredients

LG has just announced its latest line of smart kitchen appliances. Okay, but what is remarkable this time is a a service it might just make life a little easier. LG says the ThinQ Recipe app and service is “new for 2022” and will allow users to seamlessly select from thousands of recipes to deliver directly from Walmart or Amazon Fresh without ever leaving the app.

The LG ThinQ Recipe app is powered by SideChef, which LG has partnered with since at least 2019. According to a press release from LG, ThinQ Recipe offers “10,000 One-Click Recipes” that can be added to a list of races in the app. for delivery by Walmart or Amazon Fresh. If it’s as smooth as it sounds, the service might alleviate some of the pain of the weekly grocery experience, especially for large families.

Delivery via Amazon Fresh or Walmart.
Image: LG

Scan and cook.
Image: LG

ThinQ Recipe also integrates the Scan and bake function developed by Boston-based Foodspace Technology. It works by scanning the UPC barcode on (some) frozen and ready-to-cook meals to automatically send cooking instructions to compatible LG ThinQ ovens.

LG notes in small print that the LG ThinQ Recipe app “applies to models with Scan to Cook”. Applicable, but not limit, this is how I read it, so hopefully the app and service will be available for owners of any older device to try.


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