Kohler’s PerfectFill technology can fill your tub for you

Kohler’s much-vaunted PerfectFill technology is finally here, and exhausted parents around the world can breathe a sigh of relief. The company this week announced the availability of its smart bath technology at CES 2022, which lets you fill a tub with a simple voice command. So if you are making dinner downstairs and want to get the kids bathing going, you can just ask Alexa or Google to run the bath for you.

PerfectFill consists of a drain kit and digital valve that work together to pull the bath to the temperature and depth you prefer. So, no more worrying about flooding the bathroom because you forgot they were running or burning junior when they jumped in the tub.

The PerfectFill digital wall controller controls the system.
Image: Kohler

Bath time can be controlled by the Kohler Konnect app, as well as by voice, and up to 10 different bath times can be programmed, so everyone in the house can do it as they please (even Fido).

PerfectFill doesn’t just fill, however, you can also empty the tub with a voice command or an app.

However, all of this control will cost you dearly. PerfectFill starts at $ 2,700; this does not include a Kohler spout and compatible Kohler tub. It should also be installed by a professional. PerfectFill will be available to order in 2022.

The Stillness Bath is an immersive smart tub that starts at $ 8,000.
Image: Kohler

If that’s not enough tech for bath time, Kholer’s Stillness Bath, which was teased at CES last year, will be available for purchase in 2022.

The smart bath experience starts at $ 8,000 and integrates this PerfectFill technology into a smart tub that combines water, light, mist and aroma to create a “home spa experience,” according to Kohler.

The Purist Suspend brings Bluetooth control via a remote (also shown) to your kitchen faucet while avoiding counter clutter.
Image: Kohler

If an $ 8,000 smart spa tub still isn’t enough, you can take it up a notch with the Infinity Experience model that adds the ability to run water over the edges and into a hinoki wood base, adding that waterfall sound to your relaxing experience.

The entire system is controlled by the Kohler Konnect app, and the low-end $ 8,000 freestanding tub will be available in Q1 2022. The remaining models will arrive in Q3, pricing to be announced.

For more hands-free water control, Kohler is also launching a ceiling-hung kitchen faucet controlled by a battery-powered waterproof Bluetooth washer. The Purist Suspend can be operated by the washer-shaped remote control to turn the faucet on and off and adjust the temperature.

The main concept here – beyond being quite the centerpiece – is to reduce the clutter of the meter. With Suspend, your kitchen faucet will no longer get in the way when you wash the dishes (was it really already?). The faucet hangs from the ceiling and rotates 180 degrees.

Also announced at CES 2021 and released this year is Kohler’s smart water monitor H2Wise powered by Phyn. The H2Wise and H2Wise Plus (a professionally installed version) will launch in January for $ 400 and $ 667, respectively.

The H2Wise is a smart water monitor that can be installed by a homeowner. A pro-install version adds the ability to shut off the water remotely.
Image: Kohler

The H2Wise Plus is installed on the main water line and can be set to shut off the water through the app if a leak is detected. The H2Wise can be installed by a homeowner under a sink. Both units require 110v / 220v power.

These two gadgets monitor water usage in all devices in your home and can notify you of a water leak as well as help you monitor water usage. A pre-freeze warning uses pressure sensing to alert you before a pipe freezes.

The H2Wise monitor is controlled by the Kohler Konnect app and can be paired with Alexa or Google voice assistants.

The Robern IQ digital lock box is an app controlled mini safe designed for bathroom cabinetry.
Image: Kohler

Other smart products Kohler announced at CES 2022 included the Robern IQ digital lock box, a smart lock box that fits into a bathroom vanity to store medications and personal items. Designed for Roben cabinets, it can be adjusted to fit into any vanity cabinet.

The digital lock box costs $ 449 and has a touchpad as well as an app (iOS and Android) to set and protect your password, view entry logs, and receive alerts when the box is opened . Users can also set a schedule and add daily medication reminders.

Kohler’s new touchless bathroom faucets are controlled with the wave of a hand.
Image: Kohler

Also in the bathroom space, Kohler is launching a range of touchless residential bathroom faucets starting at $ 199 that you turn on and off with the flick of your hand. A twist cover controls the temperature and an automatic shut-off feature stops the flow after two minutes. The faucet also has a vacation mode and is battery operated for easier installation.

Finally, the Kohler Power Reserve is a modular home energy storage system that works with solar power systems to store solar energy regardless of weather, time of day, or weather. network status. Using the Kohler Power Reserve mobile app to monitor and control the system, users can configure the storage system to backup, self-provision, time of use, or custom. Pricing starts at $ 13,325 for a 10kWh system.


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