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J&J Reports Promising Ebola Vaccine Data

The two-dose regimen was well tolerated and elicited antibody responses against the Zaire ebolavirus species 21 days after the second dose in 98% of all participants, the company said, citing data from a testing at an advanced stage.

The regimen, Ad26.ZEBOV and MVA-BN-Filo, generated immune responses that persisted in adults for at least two years. J&J added that there were no signs of safety of concern.

“This peer-reviewed data supports the prophylactic use of the Johnson & Johnson Ebola vaccine regimen to protect those at risk for Ebola, which is critical to our vision of preventing Ebola outbreaks before they occur. cannot begin, ”said J&J Scientific Director Paul Stoffels.

The company added that a booster administered two years after the initial vaccination induced a strong immune response within seven days.

Ebola typically kills around half of the people it infects, although vaccines and new treatments have been shown to be very effective in reducing death rates.

Last month, the World Health Organization warned that in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, West Africa is facing new outbreaks of viral Marburg and Ebola haemorrhagic fevers, risking to straining ill-equipped health systems.

J & J’s vaccine schedule had received European approval in July 2020 and WHO prequalification, which allows the purchase of drugs by developing countries, in April 2021.

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