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IPhone 13 Could Fix One Of The Worst Things About iPhone 12

The big iPhone 13 reveal is here, and there are plenty of rumors and leaks about the device to be excited about. From a 120Hz display to a smaller display notch. However, the treat that got me most excited about Apple’s latest flagship phone isn’t a new addition, but rather the removal of a previous option from the iPhone 12.

Since the iPhone 4S – my all-time favorite iPhone – Apple has offered the flagship device in each line with 64GB of storage. Ten years ago, that was considered a fair amount of storage to play with. Nowadays, not so much.

Still, Apple has persisted in offering the base model of its phones with a meager 64GB of storage. Essentially, the entry-level iPhone 12 launched with storage capacity that frankly wasn’t adequate five years ago, let alone in 2020. However, times can change.

A recent scoop from reliable Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple would phase out the 64GB model with the iPhone 13, and instead, the base version of the device will come with 128. Go. This will still fill up uncomfortably quickly for most users, but is at least manageable if you take extra steps to conserve memory, like regularly clearing caches and optimizing your photo storage.

Kuo also reports that Apple will offer storage options of up to 1TB for the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, a first for the iPhone line, which was previously only available with up to 512 GB of storage. This, coupled with the removal of the 64GB option, shows that Apple is finally taking the storage capacities of its devices seriously.

There will almost certainly be some bigger additions to the iPhone 13, which will likely make headlines and convince current iPhone 12 owners to upgrade, but I’m delighted to see Apple finally tackle an area where its phones have always fallen behind. It’s just a shame that the price of a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max probably puts me in financial hot water.

If you want to see exactly what’s new in the iPhone 13, and if the 64GB model has finally been banned from the annals of history, then be sure to stick with Tom’s Guide as we’ll have full coverage of announcements from today with our Apple blog live from the event. And tune in with our practice how to watch the apple event to guide.

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