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IPadOS 15 Features, Release Date, Beta, and Compatibility

After a summer of beta, iPadOS 15 is ready to debut. The new update which offers a great fit for multitasking will be ready for download next Monday (September 20). You’ll also get a home screen improvement that we’ve been wanting from last year, while the Notes app is a lot more supercharged.

The great features of Notes revolve around Quick Notes, which will help you start writing faster and taking notes with the applications you use. The App Shelf is one of our favorite iPadOS features that help iPad become more of a laptop replacement. All in all, these look like enough tweaks (including the perks coming to iOS 15, also available on September 20) to make sure the iPad is still the best tablet out there.

The iPad is at an interesting time. The iPad Pro 2021’s M1 chip makes it more powerful than ever, but also more similar to Apple’s MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. But at the same time, the iPad doesn’t perform as well, as macOS still allows for better multitasking.

Here’s how iPadOS 15 will attempt to fix it all.

IPadOS 15 release date and beta information

The final version of iPadOS 15 arrives on September 20 after a summer beta process. We have guides on how to download the iPadOS 15 Developer Beta and how to download the iPadOS 15 Public Beta. We have tested the beta versions, so check out our iPadOS 15 hands-on review for learn more about it.

IPadOS 15 compatibility and supported devices

iPadOS 15 supports all of the same iPads as iPadOS 14.

Below is the list of supported iPads as confirmed by Apple.

iPadOS 15 new features

New features exclusive to iPad and iOS 15 are coming to iPad, with the tablet getting helpful multitasking tips, home screen widgets, Notes app upgrades that remind us of Google Docs and more.

iPad 15

(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone enhancements found in FaceTime and notifications, coming from iOS 15, will also be part of iPadOS 15. Oh, and macOS 15 will make it easier to use multiple Apple devices at once, with a cool feature called Control. universal, and it looks pretty cool.

IPadOS 15 multitasking upgrades

Apple is making multitasking easier with iPadOS 15, starting with the new menu buttons for multitasking at the top of the screen (which are hidden under a three-dot button). With one or two taps, you’ll start using a split view mode and bring up your home screen to extract the apps you want. Dragging is also displayed as an option in this button.

This is a welcome improvement over the way multitasking works now. Currently you rely on apps in your Dock (which can’t contain all the apps on your device), users with keyboards had an extra trick, using Spotlight to find other apps, but it wasn’t enough. Now you can multitask with any apps you want.

iPadOS 15 multitasking

(Image credit: Apple)

Disabling one of the apps in your split view works just as easily. Just swipe up from the top of the app to see your home screen and start finding a new app to multitask.

Apple also highlighted a way to multitask more, where keeping a message in Mail (while it’s already in shared view) gives you the option of composing a reply in a window that sits there. above your split screen. It didn’t seem particularly important at first, but then we saw that you can minimize that response to the shelf, a new section that appears above the dock, where you can find other work in progress from there. application in which you are working.

IPadOS 15 Multitasking Shelf

(Image credit: Apple | YouTube)

The shelf shows you documents related to the apps you use, and it will appear when you open an app, tap the three-dot button to open multitasking view, and when you tap the app icon in the dock .

You can also create new split screen views in Application Switching Workspaces mode. Just drag one app onto the other and you’ve paired them up.

You’ve always had the option of using iPadOS widgets on your home screen, but they were … arguably … stuck in the menu on the left side of the screen. This problem is no longer a nuisance.

IPadOS 15 Widget

(Image credit: Apple)

The WWDC 2021 opening speech in June showed how widgets can now go anywhere on the Home screen, making the most of that large iPad screen. Apple also introduced a new, larger-sized widget, showing it with the TV app, where you could see a list of content you could watch, and a highlighted show (in this case, Apple’s Mythic Quest). .

App Library, the app management view that lets you remove apps from the Home screen but still show them in a menu, is now also on iPadOS. Much like the ability to put widgets on the Home screen, this was a curious absence of iPadOS 14, as our iOS 14 vs iPadOS 14 comparison detailed last year.

iPad 15

(Image credit: Apple)

iPadOS 15 upgrades Notes to compete with Google Docs

Apple’s Notes app is getting a lot smarter, starting with the ability to tag someone in a note. You just type in the @ symbol and their name, select and confirm the person you want to add (we all know more than one person with the same first name), and you’ll invite that contact to collaborate with you.

iPad 15

(Image credit: Apple)

There’s also a new organizing tool for Notes – using hashtags. Now if I write “#Blogs” in a note, there will be a #Blogs button in the Notes menu, which will show you all the notes with that hashtag. This is a feature that I have been using for years in the Bear text editor app, and it helps you create folders without having to deal with actual folders.

The biggest feature that reminded us of Google Docs is the Activity panel, which appears on the right side of the screen. The activity shows you who made changes to the document and when.

IPadOS 15 Quick Notes Makes Note Taking Fast

Having trouble starting a note quickly? The new Quick Notes feature lets you drag a note with the Apple Pencil. By moving the tip of the pencil inward from the lower right corner, starts a quick note.

iPadOS 15 - Quick Notes

(Image credit: Apple)

While you can just write in this note, Quick Notes are designed to help you take notes with another app. The demonstrator demonstrated how to easily extract the URL of the Safari webpage you are using with Quick Notes.

Quick Notes can be created on iPadOS, then viewed on macOS or iOS – and you’ll be able to edit them on iOS. too much.

The other new features of the iPadOS 15

Apple is also adding new keyboard shortcuts (which get their own menu) and an improved Swift Playgrounds for iPad, allowing the creation of iPad and iPhone apps.

Of course, the iPad also benefits from some of the new features of iOS 15. These will include Focus statuses to adjust the way you receive notifications, searching for photos in Spotlight, SharePlay for watching and listening to content with your friends and family in FaceTime; and upgrades to Apple Maps that make locations much more complex. (Just be aware that SharePlay won’t be live when iPadOS 15 arrives, as Apple plans to add this feature in a later update.)

IPadOS 15 Universal Control

(Image credit: Apple | YouTube)

Another great shared feature is Universal Control, which allows iPads and Macs to be used with the same keyboard and mouse. You just need to move the cursor from your MacBook to your other device, as if you were dragging it off the screen and it will move to the other device.

The new Safari design, which has a new look for bookmarks and tabs, is also coming to the iPad. Here’s how to prevent Safari from changing colors in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 if you don’t like this new feature.

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