iPad Air 5: everything we know so far

Rumor has it that the iPad Air 5 may not arrive until early 2022, but rumor has it that the new tablet will get a sufficient number of upgrades that could make the wait worthwhile.

The current iPad Air (2020) is one of the best tablets around, featuring a fast A14 Bionic processor, a bright and colorful 10.9-inch display, USB-C charging and support for both Magic Keyboard and 2nd Generation Apple Pencil. The only things we didn’t like about our review were the expensive accessories and the lack of Face ID support.

But even with the launch of the latest 2021 iPad Pro models, the 2020 iPad Air is still a great choice, thanks to its more affordable price, impressive specs, and fun, colorful design.

So what more could Cupertino bring to upgrade an already powerful device? An OLED display could be available, as well as a faster A15 Bionic chip that would also power the iPhone 13. We have so far rounded up everything there is to know about the potential iPad Air 5, including the latest rumors, specs, potential release date and more.

IPad Air 5 news (last update July 30)

The announced release date of the iPad Air 5

Displaying rumors about the iPad Air 5

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Although there has been no official confirmation from Apple, several sources indicate a release date for the iPad Air 5 in 2022. The iPad Air 4 was launched in October 2021, but we do not hear say that the iPad Air 5 will be launched this year.

What is even more curious is that Apple reportedly intends to unveil the new iPad Air equipped with OLED before the next models of iPad Pro. Maybe Cupertino has more up its sleeve for its Pro OLED tablets that would need more time to produce and announce them.

Unfortunately, at this point, we don’t have a narrower window for a potential release date other than the fact that it will likely happen next year. However, if the iPad Air 5 does arrive before the next Pro models, there could be a potential unveiling opportunity at Apple’s next annual event in the spring.

IPad Air5 screen

Rumors about the iPad Air 5 Touch ID

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We’ve already spotted a few reports of the iPad Air 5 potentially featuring an OLED display. This would be a big step forward for Apple, as the iPad Air could be its first tablet to feature an OLED panel.

While the iPad Air’s current Liquid Retina LCD display is excellent, an OLED display would deliver richer colors, wider viewing angles, and perfect blacks. So that would be a major upgrade, both for editing photos and videos and for watching the latest episodes of Ted Lasso.

It should be noted that a recent report from Elec claims that the 10.68-inch iPad model (probably the next potential iPad Air) could contain a rigid OLED display, as opposed to the flexible glass that Apple has been implementing in its devices since. The 2017 report mentioned that other iPad models that will follow the 10.68-inch tablet will use flexible glass instead.

While it’s too early to tell if the potential iPad Air 5 will actually get an OLED panel, it’s entirely possible that Apple will decide to keep the current display. After all, the company has made the transition to the mini-LED for the high-end iPad Pro. So you would think that the Pros would go for OLED first.

IPad Air 5 design, features and specifications

Design rumors of the iPad Air 5

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Aside from the supposed OLED display, not much is known about the rest of the specs for the potential iPad Air 5. However, a report claims that the iPad Air 5 could get similar features to the iPad Pro, such as an improved dual camera system. . The 5th generation iPad Air would also feature an A15 Bionic chip, which would be revealed alongside the iPhone 13 lineup at the September Apple event.

Macotakara’s report also speculated on 5G connectivity as well as the possible inclusion of a LiDAR scanner, although the latter is not guaranteed.

The potential iPad Air 5 could also receive a quad-speaker audio system, which is currently equipped with existing 2021 iPad Pro models.

But other than the above, the source noted that the majority of the features of its predecessor will be retained, especially the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display and Touch ID on the tablet’s side button. Interestingly, this report contradicts earlier rumors about the OLED-equipped iPad Air.

iPad Air 5: what we want to see

  • More storage: The iPad Air starts with 64GB of storage, which is pretty low for $ 599. We would like to see 128GB for the iPad Air 5.
  • Face ID: It’s not exactly a Pro feature, as it’s available on all iPhone 12 models. So why not make it easier to unlock your iPad Air?
  • Center of the stage: This feature of the iPad Pro should be relatively easy to add to the iPad Air 5 provided Apple upgrades to a dual camera system are provided. The camera would follow you during a video chat.
  • Fashion Portrait: While we might not like to admit it, people use their iPad as a camera. Adding this feature would therefore be a welcome upgrade.
  • Even longer battery life: The iPad Air 4 lasted 10 hours and 29 minutes on our web browsing test, which is good. But we’d like to see even more endurance this time around, overtaking the 10.2-inch iPad (12:57) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (13:16).

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