Intel Quietly Removes ‘Q1’ References From Website For Arc Graphics Launch

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In a move that’s only slightly upsetting given that GPU enthusiasts have grown accustomed to the disappointment, Intel is apparently delaying the launch of its all-new Arc graphics technology. Just a few weeks ago, Intel was bragging about a “Q1 2022” launch for its highly anticipated graphics technology in marketing materials and via language on its website, but apparently that’s no longer the case. The company has removed the phrase “Q1” from its website, leaving only “2022” as a launch window.

We don’t know what has changed, but we do know this is a recent development. Your humble author wrote an article on Intel showing a demo of its Arc discrete graphics card on December 13th, and in it video it says Q1 2022 at the very end.

The real kicker is when you go to the landing page Intel designed for its Arc technology, the phrasing has been changed. We loaded the page into the Internet Wayback Machine to see what it looked like, compared to what exists now, and the results are below (compared to today).

The news of the delay is a bit surprising, as there were all signs that Intel would be reaching its deadline. As recently as three days ago, in her opening speech at CES, an Intel executive took the stage and announced that they are currently shipping Intel Arc mobile GPUs to their OEM partners for gaming laptops, and right next to her There was a graph indicating that it was “Coming in Q1 2022”.

OEM integration is not instantaneous, but the fact that Intel has pushed back this late in the game suggests that it needs more time to build the hardware supply or that OEMs need more time. to prepare the systems for shipment.

Intel’s keynote at CES, January 4, 2022.

So that means all the lights were green on Tuesday, but something changed on Wednesday or Thursday, i.e. when Videocardz was alerted to the deviation by an anonymous reader. Anandtech author Ryan Smith reached out to Intel about the sudden change, according to his article on Reddit, and they told him, “At this time, the company does not offer any specific product release details (such as mobile vs desktop). The most detailed information they are currently distributing is that they are targeting the first Alchemist products to hit the market in the first quarter of 2022. “

This news is sure to disappoint gamers who have been patiently waiting what appears to be years for Intel to enter the GPU arena. The pandemic chip shortage has caused such a glut of GPUs that only the notion of a new graphics card theoretically available for purchase from a large company like Intel was enough to get people excited, especially since Intel is committed to going up against Nvidia and AMD with a very competitive GPU. At the same time, the company has been rather low-key on almost every aspect of its first-generation product, the Arc Alchemist. Even after all this time and public relations, we still don’t have a final spec, price, launch date, etc. We’re not even sure if the company is launching Arc first on mobile, desktop, or if both will be coming simultaneously. . This lack of information seemed a little odd just a few weeks ago, as it was about to launch, but now that Intel has cleaned up its website, it makes a bit more sense. Considering that gamers haven’t been able to buy a decent, reasonably priced GPU for over a year now, this news from Intel only adds a little more salt to the sore.

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