Intel Arc Alchemist Could Make GPUs Under $ 200 A Reality Again

According to a new Moore’s Law is Dead leak, Intel’s next Arc Alchemist graphics cardcould finally offer an affordable GPU under $ 200 to consumers.

The well-known leaker revealed in a Youtube video that a variant of the entry-level Intels Arc Alchemist graphics card, which will run on the company’s Xe-HPG GPU architecture, will be based on the 128-EU model. It is said to have a clock speed of between 2.2 GHz and 2.5 GHz on the 6nm process node from chipmaker TSMC.

MLID has also stated that the GPU will use 6GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 16Gbps on a 96-bit memory bus for the desktop variant. The laptop model, on the other hand, is expected to deliver 4GB of GDDR6 memory on a 64-bit 14Gbps bus.

Notably, Moore’s Law is Dead predicts that the GPU could cost $ 179 or less. Due to the alleged entry-level Arc Alchemist components, he expects Intel to even price the graphics card as low as $ 150.

If the aforementioned estimate came true when the product was officially announced, it would mark the return of cheap graphics cards priced at $ 200 or less. The only GPU that comes close to this price in the current generation of video cards is Nvidias RTX 3060 with an MSRP of $ 329.

One of the reasons the graphics card could cost less than $ 200 is its thermal design power – the GPU would only produce power consumption of 75 watts. AMD’s most efficient card, the RX 6600, has a power input of 132W, so Intel appears to be much more efficient overall.

As for other specifications related to the Arc Alchemist, the scale models would apparently provide 96 UEs with a 64-bit bus interface. As WCcftech Remarksthere have been rumors of a variant providing 4GB of GDDR6 memory, but MLID is not ruling out a 3GB desktop model.

The 128-EU model of the GPU is expected to launch in late February or March on laptops. It will be followed by a computer release in the second quarter of 2022. Intel will therefore face AMD., with Team Red also set to announce its own entry-level card, the Navi 24 RDNA 2 Radeon RX GPU, in the early months of 2022 as well.

With the current GPU shortage and subsequent price increases, I hope that the upcoming launch of entry-level graphics cards will at least provide an affordable solution for consumers until the unprecedented situation improves in 2023.


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