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Instagram launches “We Are In the Making”

Instagram on Monday announced “We Are In the Making”, a new mainstream marketing campaign aimed at its young users.

This is the first branding campaign for the Facebook-owned company in India.

The new consumer marketing campaign will aim to encourage young people to express and explore their personal stories on the platform.

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The 360-degree campaign will be viewable on TV, digitally, outdoors and will also feature more experiential elements, Instagram said. It will be shown on TV during the IPL and the upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup, in addition to other broadcasters.

“Power of self-discovery”

The campaign is part of Instagram’s new global branding campaign and is based on the idea that young people want to express themselves and be part of a community, but seek constant encouragement from those around them, Instagram said.

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Avinash Pant, Director – Marketing, Facebook India, gives more context. “With Reels, we have seen the rise of a new cohort of short video creators who have discovered their interests and found their voice, and thus achieved national popularity. Instagram’s new campaign brings this local information together, with our global platform, and celebrates the multidimensional generation. As young people continue to shape their identities, we wanted to highlight the power of self-discovery for them through relatable and inspiring stories. We hope the campaign will encourage young Indians to express themselves and shape themselves on Instagram.

Featured emerging designers

The campaign designs are community-inspired and some feature popular emerging creators, such as @saurabhghadge_vines (Saurabh Ghadge), @focusedindian (Karan Sonawane), @just_neel_things (Neel), @the_sound_blaze (Meethika Dwivedi), @Shantanuuu ( Shantanu Dhope) and @themermaidscales (Kruthika), @ sriram04 (Sriram), @shayanroy (Shayan Roy). Each of them used reels, among other features, to gain popularity, and as a result, the campaign designs feature reels as well.

The films will be shown for 10 weeks from today, as part of the current cricket season, and will be visible across India in eight local languages. In India, the campaign was visualized in partnership with DDM Mudra.


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