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InMobi plans to acquire the start-up Appsumer

InMobi, the mobile advertising giant, has signed a definitive agreement to acquire a performance analysis platform, Appsumer.

As part of the deal, InMobi will acquire a 100% stake in Appsumer and the team and founder will join InMobi, said Navin Madhavan, Managing Director of Growth Platforms at InMobi. Activity area.

In addition, Appsumer will continue to operate independently as a subsidiary within InMobi’s global organizational structure. Shumel Lais, CEO and Founder of Appsumer, will join InMobi and continue to lead the division. The full team will join InMobi to ensure continuity of customer service and further develop and support the analytics and automation offering under the umbrella of InMobi.

Marketing spend overview

Aimed at advertisers of mobile apps, Appsumer is a platform for advertisers to get comprehensive information on their marketing spend across all channels. Some of its existing customers include brands like Miniclip, Picsart, and Viber.

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Appsumer platform features include code-free integrations with over 100 marketing channels, customizable dashboards for customers to create and track goals and KPIs, and daily processing of marketing data for accurate measurement. and informed decision making.

“Appsumer brings a next-generation approach to advertisers to better understand the effectiveness of their marketing efforts across the multiple channels that growth marketing teams use on a daily basis,” said Abhay Singhal, InMobi Group Co-Founder and CEO of ‘InMobi Marketing Solutions.

Unified platform

Madhavan noted that for every advertiser today there are a large number of marketing channels where advertisers spend their marketing budgets. Now the challenge for the advertiser is that each platform displays data on its own dashboards and in different ways. One platform might call it an ad group, another might call it an ad set, some might call it a campaign, etc.

“What we’ve observed in the partner ecosystem is that advertisers typically don’t have an easy way to track and analyze their marketing data. There are some platforms in this space, but for the most part people still rely on internal spreadsheets and business intelligence tools etc. So in that context, we looked at building something and that’s where the acquisition of Appsuper fits, ”he added.

AI for predictive analytics

Together, InMobi and Appsumer intend to create an operating system that makes it easier to understand user acquisition funnels by using artificial intelligence (AI) to integrate predictive capabilities into the platform in order to help growth marketers experiment and iterate quickly to optimize the results of their user acquisition strategies.

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“Today Appsumer is a dashboard that brings together data from multiple marketing channels, but in the future we’re also looking to add an element of AI-powered predictive analytics that can use the data to recommend which of the 10 marketing channels the advertiser should spend. more on and which channels should be removed from the marketing mix to simplify the decision-making process, ”Madhavan added.

The Appsumer acquisition builds on recent InMobi business expansions. Last month, InMobi launched InMobi Telco to help mobile operators and cell phone manufacturers optimize their customer experiences and diversify their revenue streams.


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