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If this Google Pixel 6 price leak is true, I would go for the Pro model

The latest batch of Google Pixel 6 leaks revolve around the price of the phone. And if the details turn out to be true, the Pixel 6 Pro seems like a much smarter buy than the standard Pixel 6.

Mr. Brandon Lee from This Is Tech Today revealed in a lengthy Twitter thread the potential price tag for the phones and the new Pixel Stand, the refreshed version of Google’s wireless charging support. That’s not all, however, as Lee’s leaks encompass colors and features as well.

The most important part of the leak is a screenshot of the terms and conditions of a Google-sponsored raffle that, for legal reasons, showed the base Pixel 6’s price tag at $ 850. The award was apparently removed from a later version of the document, but not before Lee got his hands on a screenshot.

A screenshot of the terms and conditions of a Google sponsored sweepstakes, including a line indicating the approximate value of a Google Pixel 6 prize of $ 850

(Image credit: Mr. Brandon Lee)

$ 850 would be an odd starting price for Google. That’s higher than the Pixel 5’s price ($ 699) as expected, as the Pixel 5 was apparently targeting a cheaper segment of the market. but it looks expensive when compared to other phones.

The $ 850 Pixel 6 would cost more than the iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S21 (both of which cost $ 800) but less than the Galaxy S21 Plus ($ 999) and iPhone 13 Pro ($ 999). Granted, that’s not a huge difference, but given that the base Galaxy S21 handset offers a bit more hardware value (like a higher refresh rate and telephoto zoom), and the iPhone 13 has the fastest processor and stellar cameras, this shows that Google might be a little too daring with its prices.

The possible cost of the Pixel 6 Pro is not mentioned directly, but rather is an educated guess. As we can see in another screenshot provided by Lee, the Google “Raven” and Google “Oriole” appear alongside the numbers 649 and 899, respectively. Lee claims those numbers are the price of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in euros.

A list of smartphones next to their alleged prices in euros.  The Pixel 6 (codename Raven) is listed as 649, and the Pixel 6 Pro (codenamed Oriole) is listed as 899.

(Image credit: Mr. Brandon Lee)

Lee uses the number of 899 euros (roughly $ 1,039 when converted directly) to estimate a dollar price for the Pixel 6 Pro. Given the alleged inclusion of mmWave 5G support seen in other leaks, it puts the price of the Pro model at $ 1,099, although it adds the caveat that prices can change at the last minute. That price seems a better bet when you look at competing phones, since the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at the same price, with the Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra costing $ 100 less and more respectively.

If anything, these details suggest that the Pixel 6 Pro will be the better buy of the two phones if you can afford it. The Pixel 6 Pro will give you a larger 6.7-inch screen with a faster 120Hz refresh rate (compared to 90Hz for the regular Pixel 6), as well as a telephoto lens with reported 4x / 20x optical zoom. We also expect the Pixel 6 Pro to have a larger battery, so it should last longer on a charge.

Google Pixel support

Next, Lee reveals the price and other details of the redesigned Pixel Stand. Apparently on sale for $ 79, the stand offers up to 23W wireless charging for the Pixel 6 series. There’s a built-in fan that helps keep things cool and you get all of the same features when you’re connected. , as well as support for Google Meet.

Marketing material leaked for the second-generation Google Pixel Stand, listing its features compared to the original and showing an image of the stand in white.

(Image credit: Mr. Brandon Lee)

There are also two charging coils inside the holder, a lower one designed for charging portable devices like the Google Pixel Buds 2. There are two colors to choose from. One appears to be the white version seen in photos posted by Lee, although he doesn’t mention what the other option is.

More details about the Pixel 6

If you’re curious about what Google named the new color bundle for the Pixel 6 series, Lee claims to know them. The base Pixel 6, he says, comes in Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam, or Stormy Black, while the Pixel 6 Pro gets Sorta Sunny, Cloudy White, or Stormy Black.

The image that shows these names also shows how Google is apparently marketing its two new phones. The Pixel 6 is more value-oriented (although that doesn’t look quite right considering the price discussed above), and comes in either 128GB or 256GB storage variants, while the Pixel 6 Pro is the real flagship, offering 128GB and 256GB storage in most cases. markets, with a 512 GB option also available in the United States and Australia. Lee also shows details of the “Pixel Pass,” a combination of an upgrade program, warranty extension, and Google service subscriptions.

The Pixel 6 series marks the second major overhaul of Google’s flagship smartphone in two years. However, this redesign caught the attention of the phone world due to the fact that Google introduced the all new look of the phones and due to a slew of leaks giving us more reason to be excited. These include Google’s most complete camera system, bigger screens, much bigger batteries and a new Tensor chipset, designed by Google and focused on AI and machine learning features.

Google is hosting a Pixel event for the Pixel 6 on October 19, a week from today. It is then that all these rumors will be finally confirmed (or denied), the opening of sales to take place the following week, on October 28.

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