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IBM unveils AI to help businesses respond to climate risks

IBM has released a suite of environmental intelligence software that harnesses artificial intelligence to help organizations respond to weather and climate risks that can disrupt business and reduce the complexity of regulatory compliance and reporting.

The suite, offered as a software as a service, helps organizations monitor disruptive environmental conditions such as extreme weather, forest fires, floods and air quality and send alerts when they are detected.

Climate impact

IBM said in a statement when releasing the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite, that it predicts the potential impacts of climate change and weather conditions on the business using climate risk analysis. The suite also provides insight into potential operational disruptions and prioritizes mitigation and response efforts.

“The suite helps companies streamline and automate environmental risk management and operationalize the underlying processes, including accounting and carbon reduction, to achieve environmental goals,” he said. The software leverages IBM weather data and advanced geospatial analysis already used by businesses.


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