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I skipped the Apple Watch 7 pre-orders and bought this accessory for $ 30 instead

When the Apple Watch 7 became available for pre-order last Friday, I didn’t rush to buy one. Instead, I bought a new Apple Watch accessory that could improve on older models with one of the great Series 7 upgrades.

For the first time, Apple is shipping its smartwatch with a magnetic charger to USB-C, instead of a magnetic charger to USB-A. If you remember, a similar change was made for the best iPhones when the iPhone 11 series came with Lightning to USB-C chargers two years ago. The comparable result is faster charging times, so your everyday Apple devices spend less time tethered to a lanyard.

While faster charging was touted as a major feature of the Apple Watch 7 during the Apple event in September, it turns out the new cord gets the credit – not the watch itself. This means that if you use the Magnetic to USB-C charger with one of the best Apple Watch models of the past, you might benefit from faster charging.

Maintaining the battery life of my Apple Watch 6 is a daily priority. I even bought this charging accessory for $ 10, so no matter where I am, my Apple Watch won’t run out of juice, putting my activity sequences at risk.

I had hoped the Apple Watch 7 would finally jump to the product’s familiar 18 hour rating, so I wouldn’t need to be so concerned about keeping it charged. While the latest Apple Watch got a more curved chassis, larger Apple Watch 7 sizes, and a larger screen, rumors of improved battery life did not materialize.

So if you’re wondering whether you should buy the Apple Watch 7 to replace your current Apple Watch, you might want to remove a faster charger as a reason to upgrade. Of course, if the redesigned screen is calling you, or if you’re ready for more health features that have been added in recent years, the Apple Watch 7 will probably be the best smartwatch for you.

But if the improved charging is what stood out to you, know that you don’t necessarily need a new Apple Watch to change your current charging routine. Apple sells the new charger for the Apple Watch 7 separately. And it doesn’t appear to face shipping delays or availability shortages like the new watch itself.

Magnetic Apple Watch Charger to USB-C: $ 29 at Apple
This Apple Watch Magnetic to USB-C charger costs just under $ 30. This allows your smartwatch to spend less time juicing and more time on your wrist.

It is important to note that the product description states that the faster charger via USB-C only works for the Apple Watch Series 7. It is possible that the battery of the Apple Watch 7 has a modified element that makes it most compatible with the new cord. But I’m optimistic I’ll see faster charging when I use it with my Apple Watch 6, in the same way that the iPhone 11 charger helped my iPhone XR charge faster.

For best results, it is recommended to use the Magnetic to USB-C charger with one of the Apple adapters. I would go for the 20W, which costs $ 19. Moral of the story? Rather than paying $ 399 or more for a new Apple Watch, you can invest around $ 50 to speed up your current charge.


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