HTC Vive Flow standalone VR headset leaked before launch

For many weeks, HTC has teased a standalone VR headset that appears to be more portable than the Vive Focus 3. All of these teasers share a common theme of comfort and leisure, and they show a tube-shaped carrying pouch for the Headset. VR, with a slogan of “Go with the Flow”. But ahead of the official launch on October 14, seasoned leaker Evan Blass revealed key details about the upcoming HTC Vive VR headset, including its design, features, price, and availability.

The set of images shared by Blass suggests many uses for the upcoming HTC Vive headset. In addition to confirming what the helmet will look like, the images confirm the nickname, Vive Flow, which until now has only been speculated on the basis of the teasers.

As seen in the pictures, the headset sports gold tinted glass that resembles the company’s Project Photon concept smart glasses shown in 2020. Meanwhile, another image shows on-board processing capabilities, indicating that the HTC Vive will be a stand-alone helmet. This corroborates the previous listing of a VR AIO (All-in-One) product by HTC on the Bluetooth SIG website.

Active cooling system and on-board processing on the HTC Vive Flow standalone VR headset.

The temples of the smart glass will be bendable for ease of use and portability, and they will include headphones for an “immersive spatial audio” experience. The images also suggest that the headset is designed to focus on “well-being and conscious productivity,” indicating that it may have modes to help users meditate when not looking for entertainment. The Flow is likely to offer special modes to help users relax in bed with features for better sleep.

The leaked hardware also shows that the HTC Vive Flow will connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, in addition to the wired USB-C connection shown in another image. Users will be able to stream content directly to the headset from their smartphone and use the phone as a portable controller.


– E (@evleaks) October 13, 2021


– E (@evleaks) October 13, 2021

Finally, the leaks confirm that the HTC Vive Flow will be available for pre-order starting October 15 for $ 499. Shipping begins in early November and comes with freebies like seven free VR content packs, two months of access to a service called “Infinity Vista” and a carrying case. While we don’t know what Infinity Vista might be, Road to VR speculates that it could be a toned down version of HTC’s Vive metaverse – Viveport Infinity.

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