How To Watch Wolf Like Me Online From Anywhere

Sparks fly and the metal crumbles when sad strangers, Mary and Gary, literally collide. But as their budding relationship deepens, the mood also intensifies. More cute meat than cute, follow our guide as we walk you through how to watch Wolf Like Me online and stream the new romantic drama comedy from anywhere in the world.

Promising surprises in every episode, the six-part series unveils two very different sets of personal baggage. Gary has been in pieces since his wife’s death, struggling to connect and provide for his young daughter.

That is until Mary first tackles the headlamps in their life. She’s a widow herself and seems like all Gary needs, but she tends to run away – and we mean that literally – whenever the going gets serious.

So she’s crazy about cardio, what’s the problem? When Gary finds out about her late husband’s plight, Mary’s weird quirks start to make a lot more sense.

Loosely based on director Abe Forsyth’s experiences as a single parent in his 40s – with at least one major twist – read on as we explain how to watch Wolf Like Me online and stream the new comedy show. where you are.

How to watch Wolf Like Me from outside your country

For those of you overseas, when Wolf Like Me lands, you won’t be able to watch the new comedy series due to annoying regional restrictions.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of a VPN. This nifty software changes your IP address so that you can access all the content you would normally have at home, only from anywhere in the world.

Use a VPN to watch Wolf Like Me online from anywhere

united states flag

How to watch Wolf Like Me online: stream the new US comedy show on Peacock

flag of australia

How to watch Wolf Like Me for FREE in Australia

british flag

Can you watch Wolf Like Me in UK?

It is not yet clear when Wolf Like Me will release in the UK, although we hope to find out near the end of its US and Australia release.

Now that Peacock has landed on Sky, it’s possible that when the show lands it will be exclusive to the premium network, but nothing is confirmed yet.

canadian flag

Can you watch Wolf Like Me online in Canada?

It is the same situation in the Great White North. As of this writing, there is no official word on a release date or TV channel for Wolf Like Me in Canada, but we expect that to change in the coming weeks.


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