How to use the new child safety features in iOS 15.2

iOS 15.2 brings many new features, improvements, and small changes to Apple’s smartphone operating system, but one of its most useful additions is the inclusion of several new child safety features.

These new features have been carefully designed to ensure that young children can use an Apple device safely. An iPhone updated to iOS 15.2 will prevent minors from viewing unsolicited explicit images and provide support resources if they research certain topics.

These new child safety features are not only available on iOS 15.2 for iPhone devices, but also on iPads via iPadOS 15.2, Apple watches via watchOS 8.3, and Macs via macOS 12.1. Whatever Apple products your kids have access to, you can be sure that these safety features are available to them.

Of course, in order to use these features, you must have updated all affected Apple devices to the latest operating system. This can be easily done by going to the Settings menus and then selecting Software Update from the General tab. Here you can install the latest iOS updates within minutes.

With that done, you are ready to start using Apple’s latest child safety features.

How to use the new iOS 15.2 child safety feature in Messages

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With iOS 15.2, the Messages app is now able to notify a child when they send or receive a picture that contains nudity.

When receiving explicit content, the image will automatically be blurred and the user will be warned, presented with resources and reassured that there is no problem if they do not wish to see that specific image. The same will happen if they attempt to upload a photo that contains nudity. The ability to send a message to a “trusted” contact will also be given to the child.

Apple would like to point out that no indication of nudity detection leaves the device either. Apple does not have access to the messages or images in question, and no notification is sent to anyone to inform them of the situation, unless the user chooses to send a message to a trusted contact.

This feature is enabled by default if your accounts are set up as a Connected Family in iCloud. Any account designated as a child in family reunification will have these settings applied automatically.

How to use the new iOS 15.2 child safety features in Siri, Spotlight, and Safari Search

(Image credit: Apple)

With iOS 15.2, Apple extended guidance in Siri, Spotlight, and Safari Search so that when a child asks Siri, for example, how they can report child abuse, they are taken directly to useful resources.

Search tools have also been updated to intervene when a user makes search queries related to child exploitation. When a user attempts to search for topics in this topic, they are warned that this topic may be dangerous, and they are provided with resources to get help if needed.

Similar to the message security features above, these search filters are enabled by default on children’s accounts within a signed-in iCloud family group.


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