How to downgrade from Windows 11 to use original Windows 10, data is still full, not lost.

after Microsoft released Windows 11 The full version is now available. who has repeatedly claimed the excellent performance of Windows 11 which runs better or faster than Windows 10 on the original specification. Some people find that the machine runs slower. Or encounter various bugs, causing many people to want to revert to the old Windows 10, whose downgrade method is back. Windows 11 If you are going to be using Windows 10, what are the steps to do so?

The good news is that Microsoft has also come up with a way to roll back Windows 11 to Windows 10, an official downgrade that allows users to roll back immediately after upgrading to Windows 11 within 10 days without losing data. and do not need to save any additional information because in the system still keep the original operating system can only follow a few steps. The method is as follows.

Steps to switch from Windows 11 to Windows 10

  • Plug in the computer you want to downgrade and prepare it.
  • although the way Microsoft will confirm that there will be no data loss in this downgrade, but it is recommended to safeguard Some parts just in case (emergencies such as dead batteries or power failure during installation may affect the information)

  • Go to Start> Settings (or press Windows key + I).

  • In the System tab> select the Recovery category> press the button. To return to

  • Choose the reason you want to unsubscribe. Windows 11 > Press Next

  • This window will ask if you can first try to update the patch to fix the instability. which, if confirmed, will actually revert to Windows 10, choose to press No thanks

  • There will be a warning if any app or program is installed. If the app does not support Windows 10, it will also be uninstalled and some settings that are only available on Windows 11 will be lost. If you want to continue, tap Next.

  • Again, be aware that if the computer you are using has a locked password, remember that you still remember the computer password as downgrading requires logging in with the old password. . If you confirm to continue, tap Next.

  • The last step is to press the button. Go back to Windows 10 The system will do all of this automatically with no internet at all. Which takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the speed of each machine.

How is it? For the process of returning to Windows 10, this time Microsoft has prepared and reduced the hassle for many users. can be tracked easily

However, do not forget that the machine that will roll back Windows 10. Must be a device that has been upgraded through Windows Update or with the setup wizard. Machines using the Clean Install method or new removal via flash drive cannot use this method in reverse. because there is no more data from the original Windows. And can be done within 10 days from the upgrade date only.

Source: WCcftech.

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