How many days per week do you need to train to see results?

Now that 2022 is here, it’s easy to get carried away by that ‘new year, new me’ mindset that makes us fill the fridge with everything green and set the alarm for early morning workouts. Still, if you find that your boost only lasts a few days or weeks, it may be time to reset and rethink your training regimen.

Research shows that the best way to get real results is to be consistent, both in your diet and in your workout routine. If you start the month with a workout routine that involves hours of exercise every day, or a restrictive diet that you don’t really enjoy, your newfound habits are unlikely to stick.

Whether you want to lose a few extra pounds or just get back into shape in 2022, we’re here to help you achieve those goals. Sure, you can’t expect changes overnight, but how many days a week do you need to train to start seeing results? We caught up with Megan Davies, Beachbody Super Trainer, to find out more.

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How many days does it take to weight training to gain muscle?

“The number of days you plan to train per week depends on a number of individual factors,” says Davies. “Your level of experience, goals, and schedule should all be taken into account when deciding how often and for how long to workout. More isn’t always better, and it is essential to do so. balance training with proper nutrition and sufficient recovery time afterward. ”

“Lifting weights even once a week can help build strength, but research shows that working each muscle group two to three times a week can optimize growth. For a beginner to intermediate weightlifter, this can translate to a full body workout three times a week. More advanced weightlifters can divide their workout by body part or muscle group, each hitting two to three times per week for four to six workouts that are arranged to leave a few days between workouts that target the same group.

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How many days per week do you need to train to lose weight?

“For weight loss, many of the same factors come into play: experience, goals, timing, diet and recovery,” says Davies. “In my opinion, the two main things that you should prioritize here are cleaning up your diet and increasing your daily activity level. Diet is the biggest struggle for most people, so finding a nutrition program. easy to follow and well balanced can be a game-changer. Your daily activity level includes exercise, but also encompasses everything you do from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. ”

“To increase your activity level beyond your workout, you can take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk around during your lunch break, park at the back of the parking lot instead of near the door,” etc. Being more active throughout the day is often overlooked by those trying to lose weight, and it’s a great way to boost your energy levels without putting more strain on your body. This should all be your foundation, but I still want to see a solid strength training routine to build muscle mass and promote weight loss, while providing a host of other benefits as you get older.

What should a week’s training plan look like to achieve the above goals?

“There are many ways to achieve your weight loss goals with two to six sessions per week,” says Davies. “A program that I teach has three days of strength training, one HIIT day, two days of cardio, and one dynamic recovery day each week.”

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the CDC recommends that adults get 150 minutes of exercise per week, which can add up to 30 minutes of exercise per day, for five days. As Davies mentions, this can consist of weight training, HIIT training, or cardio, as well as just walking or moving more throughout the day.

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Megan Davies is a great trainer for Beachbody on request, which offers a number of on-demand and live workouts. She is also the creator of the online home workout and nutrition program, Muscle Burns Fat.


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