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Here is the PS5 SSD to buy to double your storage space at a lower cost

If you’re a PS5 owner, you’ve undoubtedly struggled with the extremely limited storage on Sony’s latest console. Without an upgrade from the PS5 SSD, every new release requires the tough decision of which other game to lose in its place when you just want everything to live together happily without fear of being kicked out.

But don’t worry anymore. You can save all that time and unnecessary stress here, by getting the XPG Gammix S70 for $ 149.99 from Amazon. It’s by far the cheapest 1TB PS5 SSD you can buy today and at least $ 20 less than most of its closest rivals. The stock is coming very soon, so secure yours today before it is gone for a while.

It also ticks everything on all of the compatibility requirements set by Sony. You will just need to install the SSD in your PS5 and you will be good to go. Once done, you will have doubled the storage space available on your console and have enough room to install many more PS5 games. Become crazy!

You are not in the United States? Our top pick and many other potential options are available worldwide, so scroll down for pricing and availability in your area.

Today’s best PS5 SSD to buy

1TB XPG Gammix S70: $ 149.99 at Amazon
Freshly released in time for the firmware update, the XPG Gammix S70 is the cheapest 1TB PS5 SSD you can buy. It meets all of the speed and size requirements detailed by Sony – and it comes with a pre-attached heat sink so you don’t have to worry about installing one yourself. Just plug in and play!
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More of today’s best PS5 SSDs to buy

If our best option is out of stock, don’t worry, there are some more options to consider if you need a PS5 SSD ASAP. Take a look at some of the other choices below – some of which are also currently on offer!

500 GB WD Black SN850: $ 169.99 $ 127.99 at Best Buy
Save $ 42
– If you think you won’t need that much extra space, the WD Black SN850 is a great solution for your PS5 SSD needs as it meets all the requirements and comes with a pre-attached heat sink . Ideally, it’s also on offer right now at Best Buy at its lowest price ever.
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1TB Samsung 980 Pro: $ 229.99 $ 189.99 at Amazon
Save $ 40
– When it comes to SSD quality and performance, Samsung is usually at the top of the pile. The Samsung 980 Pro is no different and is a great choice if you’re looking for a PS5 SSD from what many would consider the best name in the business. The only downside is the need to attach your own heat sink. This will add about $ 15 to the cost and a few minutes for the setup time.
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1TB Crucial P5 Plus: $ 179.99 at Amazon
The all-new Crucial P5 Plus is slightly slower than the Samsung 980 Pro above, but it’s also a cheaper option. It’s still well above Sony’s listed 5500Mbps read speed requirement, so that won’t be very noticeable when it comes to playing PS5 games. Keep in mind that you will need to add the cost of a $ 15 heat sink as that does not include any.
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We have direct access to buying advice here. For a more in-depth analysis, find out what makes the best PS5 SSDs and a guide on how to install a PS5 SSD if you need all the essentials.

More of the best PS5 SSD deals

Are the current prices of a PS5 SSD upgrade still scaring you a bit? Yeah, don’t blame yourself there. If so, we keep track of every cheap PS5 SSD deal that pops up around the web, so bookmark this page and check back regularly for all the best deals. Or, hold the fire until November, when we should see some good PS5 SSD Black Friday deals.

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