HBO Max deal gets 20% discount for up to 12 months

Whether you’re in hibernation, in isolation, or just finished with the world, we’ve found the perfect deal to keep you company during the cold winter months.

For a limited time, HBO Max is getting a 20% discount on its ad-free and ad-supported subscription plans. After rebate, you’ll pay $ 11.99 per month for the ad-free plan or $ 7.99 per month for the ad plan. It’s cheaper than their sale last September, which only cut prices for six months. Offer is only valid for new and returning HBO Max customers. After the promotion ends, you automatically renew at the standard rate of $ 14.99 / month (without ads) or $ 9.99 / month (with ads). Alternatively, you can cancel at any time.

We have named HBO Max one of the best streaming services available. If you want an in-depth HBO Max analysis, be sure to read our HBO Max review. If not, here’s some basic information you’ll want to know before you sign up. First, an account allows up to three simultaneous streams. You can create up to 5 user profiles, categorized as adults or children. (Children’s accounts give parents the control to limit what their child watches). The ad-free plan offers 4K support (select movies only).

In terms of content, HBO Max offers a solid mix of big blockbuster movies and original programming. In fact, HBO Max subscribers can watch Warner Bros. movies. the very day of their premiere in theaters. (Plan without advertising only). There are also dozens of hits like Succession, The Flight Attendant, and more. Be sure to check out our top HBO Max shows and movies for more suggestions.


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