Have you ever tasted blood when you run? This doctor explains why

If you’ve ever tasted blood in your mouth when you run and wonder what’s going on, well a Miami-based doctor for the answer. A TikTok video, posted by the account life doctor, has racked up over 3.5 million views, as thousands of runners grapple with exactly what happens when they have that horrid, metallic, bloody taste at the end of a hard workout.

The good news is, it’s not really something to worry about, and certainly not an excuse not to run. According to research, this taste sensation is more likely to occur when running in cold, dry air, when doing a very strenuous session, or when training at altitude. So when the weather starts to change, you’re more likely to experience that bloody taste, especially if you step up your training before a spring marathon.

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Why do you taste like blood when you run?

So, let’s get right to the point – what exactly happens when you taste blood while running? The TikTok doctor explains, “Okay, that will blow some minds away. If you’ve ever gone for a run and tasted blood, it’s actually because you were bleeding in your lungs.”

I’ll stop here to say, I know what you’re thinking, What?! But the doctor goes on to explain that this tiny amount of blood will not really hurt you.

“So when you start to exercise, your blood pressure goes up and there are these tiny sacs deep in your lungs where blood circulates for oxygen,” he said. “When that blood pressure rises, some of them open up, releasing blood into your lungs, so when you breathe out, that blood is absorbed into your windpipe and into your mouth, and from there your taste buds take it out. capture. ”

Responding to a comment that asked if the blood tasting should be considered a sign of stopping running, the doctor replied, “Just to clarify, this is a TINY TINY amount, so it’s not an excuse. to stop exercising! ”

That said, it goes without saying that if this happens to you very often, or if you cough up blood on a regular basis, it is definitely worth talking to your doctor. But if you’re a healthy person and have sometimes tasted blood on a cold morning winter run, that is probably why.


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