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Halo Infinite’s intelligent AI brings Battlefield 2042 to shame

One of Battlefield 2042The main selling point of is that it is similar to Battlefield 4, but bigger, like the Texan version of bigger. On current generation consoles and PCs, Battlefield 2042 games can accommodate up to 128 players, which is double the 64-player standard for just about every other full-scale shooter, including previous entries in the Battlefield franchise. Naturally, the inclusion of bots presents a few surface issues, but another issue became immediately clear once I started playing the game: these bots are stupid as rocks.

Stupid AI Shouldn’t Drive

Subpar AI is nothing new to anyone who has played some of Dice’s recent games. Star Wars Battlefront 2Story mode, for example, was teeming with enemies who walked through walls, got caught by random chunks of geometry, or just stared blankly at players before being bombarded by a laser. But bad AI in a single player story mode and bad AI in a multiplayer mode are two very, very different things.

Soldiers jump from a building in Battlefield 2042.

The former impacts a mode where players will likely spend around six to eight hours (for your average shooters, at least), while the latter can potentially ruin game modes meant to devour gamers’ hours. For Battlefield 2042, bad AI doesn’t necessarily ruin the game’s multiplayer experience, but it absolutely left a bad taste in my mouth.

During my six hours of playing Battlefield 2042, I saw the AI ​​walking through walls, moving around abnormally, not reacting to fire, and even lining up to get shot. They don’t pose any additional challenges to the game, but rather serve as targets that players can shoot at with little to no risk.

Battlefield 2042However, ‘s AI is at its worst when something in its code seems to say “bip-boop, it’s time to take a helicopter or a tank”. I feel like it goes without saying, but if an AI can’t walk, can’t react to threats, and has difficulty attacking enemies, placing one in a vehicle is like losing that vehicle entirely. In 2042, this is a big deal. Vehicles can turn the tide of battles, and while some 2042The vehicles have been nerfed, with one being thrown out because an AI can’t tell when it’s being shot can deteriorate a player’s experience.

The Halo Infinite difference

Admittedly, I might not be so annoyed with the poor performance of Battlefield 2042‘s AI if I didn’t get out of a weekend playing Infinite haloits own technical beta. While both games are still half-baked, Infinite haloAI hits Battlefield 2042is out of the water, which makes it shocking to immediately switch to the latter.

For those who haven’t tried any Infinite halo, the AI ​​of this game is really impressive, behaving more like a gamer than Battlefield 2042computer-controlled soldiers all over the place. InfiniteSpartan robots are aware of their surroundings, use the environment to their advantage, and in all respects play like real players. Battlefield 2042They are not sure what planet they are on.

Spartans attacking in Halo Infinite

The difference between the two games is basically night and day. In Infinite halo, I don’t mind playing in a lobby full of bots, as they are just as engaging as regular players. Getting stuck with 127 bots in a Battlefield 2042 the lobby, on the other hand, seems to be the fastest way to get a headache.

What’s really worrying about all of this is that Battlefield 2042 will be released in about six weeks, on November 19. This gives game developers Ripple Effect and Dice just over a month to improve the game’s AI. Battlefield 2042 officially launches.


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