Google Pixel Watch gets closer to reality with secret watch faces

Rumors of a Google-made Pixel watch have escalated from time to time, with Google even admitting that they were serious about making a smartwatch in 2016, only to cancel it because, well, that would have been terrible. Not making their first watch by then was absolutely the right decision. However, now we are in 2021 (almost 2022), Wear OS 3 is here and new chips could help Google create a solid watch that Samsung has proven to be possible.

After reddit helped the world realize that Google recently released a new version of the Wear OS 3 emulator, people have now dissected the new files and found some hidden secrets that might show some of the early likes of a Google Pixel shows.

Somewhere in the new version of the Wear OS 3 emulator, 9to5Google found a video that shows a bunch of too many dials not to be part of an upcoming watch. Seriously, why would Google make so many watch faces if they weren’t targeted on a real watch? Not only that, at least one shows the Fitbit logo which is likely a hint of the final arrival of Fitbit’s Wear OS integration.

Google Pixel Watch - watch faces

The watch faces range from digital to analog configurations, some of which have complications that you can customize and others that are extremely minimal. The colors are all fun, the variety would be wonderful to have, and at least one (the digital one with rotating minute and second bezels) has been seen in supposedly official of a Pixel watch.

So what should we take away from all this? I imagine this is a sign that Google is preparing to launch its first watch, whether it’s a Pixel watch or something from the Fitbit brand. Now is actually the time for Google to finally make its own watch, especially if it wants to keep the platform alive, showcase its vision for Wear OS 3, and not make Samsung the only big player going forward.

The only question now is – when would they release it? Make those assumptions.


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