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Google Pixel Pass subscription is its answer to Apple One, new leak suggests

Google Pixel 6 leaks are growing and fast, with one UK retailer in particular unable to keep the cat in the bag over the weekend. In the wake of this massive leak comes the disclosure of the Pixel Pass.

Shared on Twitter by Mr. Brandon Lee, passionate about new techniques, This is technology today fame, Pixel Pass appears to be Google’s answer to the Apple One subscription service.

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According to the tweet, choosing to pay a flat monthly fee could get you not only the Google Pixel 6, but also extended warranty and access to Google One, Play Pass, and YouTube Premium. According to the screenshot shared on Twitter, Pixel Pass will also likely be paired with Google Fi, the company’s phone service that is only available in the United States yet.

We would take this reveal with a pinch of salt, as it’s unclear where the screenshot was taken from. It reads like an internal document on how Google should handle Pixel Pass subscriptions.

Analysis: Add to the excitement of a new Pixel

According to the screenshot of the tweet, customers will need to purchase a Pixel device to take advantage of the subscription service. And if that information is to be believed, it opens the door for future device upgrades on a regular annual schedule, which could be quite tempting.

Google also seems to make it easier to purchase a subscription, whether through the Google Store or Google Fi. The latter, however, is limited to US customers only, and Lee speculates that the subscription service may also only be available to North American customers. However, if it is also available through the Google Store, it is possible that a modified version of the offer without an operator will arrive in other territories.

A Pixel Pass also makes a lot of sense to all Google fans who currently pay separately for Play Pass and YouTube Premium. And Apple One, the iPhone maker’s similar all-in-one subscription service, doesn’t offer a device upgrade, giving Google a distinct advantage.

The big question, of course, is how much will Pixel Pass cost subscribers; at this point we do not have any pricing details.

Google has already garnered a lot of public interest in its upcoming flagships by officially announcing them a few months in advance without revealing anything significant about the devices themselves.

Leaks around additional perks like the Pixel Pass only add to the buzz.

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