Google Pixel Fold still on the go according to clues from latest Android beta

Although it was previously believed that the alleged Google Pixel Fold device was canceled before it was even announced, new evidence continues to indicate that the foldable is still in development.

Last week we reported on a Geekbench listing for a handset believed to be the Google Pixel Fold, suggesting the device is indeed still in the works, and now the latest attestation is from a still source. more reliable: Google itself.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the new Android 12L Beta 2 includes animations that depict a foldable Google-branded device in diagram form.

The animations show the process of inserting the SIM card for the foldable device and are similar to the animations seen for previous non-foldable Pixel devices.

Google Pixel Fold animation leaked

The SIM insertion process for the alleged Google Pixel Fold. (Image credit: 9to5Google)

Analysis: this is what Google’s animations tell us

As the animation above shows, the purported Google Pixel Fold appears to be shorter and wider than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, making it more like Oppo’s Find N foldable design.

A second animation, available on 9to5Google, also shows the process of inserting the SIM card into the device when it is closed. In this case, we can see that Google plans to offer an exterior display that is mostly bezel-less, apart from a visible hinge area along the left side of the handset.

As we’ve seen with Oppo’s Find N before, the Pixel Fold’s shorter design should allow the outer screen to breathe more for texting and other everyday tasks when the device is closed. It would also help tackle complaints about the Galaxy Z Fold 3’s longer chocolate bar-shaped outer screen.

Aside from what we noted above, the only other visible clue given by Google’s purported Pixel Fold animation is the placement of the device’s volume rocker, which places it in the lower half of the right side of the device. phone.

As always, we can’t say for sure that this information definitely proves that Google is still considering releasing a Pixel Fold. That said, its inclusion in the latest Android beta gives us hope that the search giant is still working on the Google Pixel Fold and that we may see it sooner rather than later.


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