Google Pixel 6 is about widgets from the latest announcement on the next phone

Google is taking a very unconventional approach as it approaches its Google Pixel 6 launch, slated for later this month. Instead of first revealing the phone and then flooding the airwaves with commercials and advertisements, the search giant chooses to highlight the Pixel 6 with a marketing blitz before a real press conference.

And it looks like Google Japan has uploaded a new ad for the Pixel 6, featuring a range of colorful pastel widgets and themes.

The ad, embedded below, features music widgets in different styles. This includes the transparencies which have the album cover art with play and pause buttons and simpler dial types, with the title and some basic playback controls.

Widgets are also in different and fun forms. A clock widget forgoes the basic circular design for a wavy circular pattern instead, while a weather widget comes in the shape of an oval at an angle. A contact widget shows the person’s face when they call or may have called recently.

It’s no surprise that the ad focuses on widgets. It’s part of the upcoming Android 12 update, and it’s a snap that the new mobile software will debut on the Pixel 6.

The ad itself highlights how smartphones, like the people who use them, need to be personalized and tailored to their lifestyle, whether it’s an artist or a food influencer.

YouTube video

Of course, Google wants to show off its new Tensor chip, a custom processor made in collaboration with Samsung that has already been confirmed for the Pixel 6. The game-changing Tensor chip uses improved AI and machine learning for better. computer photography. This means that the Google Pixel 6 will be able to quickly analyze photos and enhance them for the best possible result. And given that the Pixel 6 is said to have a 50 MP Samsung GN1 sensor, there are plenty of pixels to scan on the fly.

Google Japan also posted a more confusing ad two weeks ago with a bag of Google-branded crisps that a lady was using as her personal cell phone.

While a plethora of information and photos are circulating the net, there is still no exact release date or price for the Google Pixel 6. At present, the latest rumors suggest that the Pixel 6 will launch on October 19, in stores October 27 with a starting price of $ 749. If that’s true, not only will the Pixel 6 be in our hands shortly, it won’t be absurdly expensive for a flagship, either.


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