Google Nest Cam (wired) review: watch with confidence

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired on table.

Google Nest Cam (wired)

MSRP $ 100.00

“It’s a security camera that doesn’t require constant childcare thanks to its smart features. ”


  • Cute and compact design

  • Three hours of free video history

  • Convenient automatic arming / disarming

  • Reliable and accurate alerts

The inconvenients

  • Power cord integrated into the camera

  • Limited articulation

Google’s line of security cameras has recently been extended to offer more choices than ever before, without compromising too much on functionality. In fact, the introduction of three hours of free video history without a subscription makes this generation of Nest Cams that much more appealing. However, Google doesn’t make it easy for consumers to tell its new cameras apart – battery-powered and corded models use the Nest Cam moniker.

While the Google Nest Cam (battery) offers additional versatility as it can be used both indoors and outdoors, the Nest Cam (wired) is a true indoor solution improved with a lower cost of $ 100. $. There are plenty of other indoor cameras in this price range, including models from Ring, Arlo, and Wyze, making it an uphill battle for Google this time around.


Right out of the box, I’m amazed at the smaller design of this camera compared to its outdoor sibling. There is a substantial difference with the Google Nest Cam (wired). It doesn’t overwhelm countertops, tables, and any other little nook and cranny of the house where you might intend to install a security camera.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired on table.
John Velasco / TechToSee

It’s also smaller than the previous Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor, but it retains the same modern look that makes Google cameras comfortable and attractive. Consumers will love how it is made from 45% recycled plastic parts and available in four colors (snow, fog, linen and sand). The only complaint I have is the limited articulation of the camera – you really can’t tilt it that much up when placed on a low surface.

Installation and configuration

Similar to the battery-powered version, the Google Nest Cam (wired) only requires setup through the Google Home app – it’s no longer tied to the dedicated Nest app. It’s wonderful because everything is controlled and accessible through a single app. All of the event history is displayed in a handy timeline view, but I also like how you can filter it by cameras if you have more than one from Google.

Once connected to my home Wi-Fi network, there is very little latency displayed by the camera once it is turned on, but there is a delay of about five seconds before I can see the livestream. It’s not too bad I guess, but I can certainly understand how those five seconds can become critical during an event.

Back of the Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired.
John Velasco / TechToSee

Although it is designed to rest on surfaces, it is still possible to mount it on the wall, in part thanks to its long cable. The downside is that the thread cannot be pulled out. It’s built into the camera, so if the wire does deteriorate in some way, you pretty much need to replace the whole unit.

Camera performance

In terms of specs, the Google Nest Cam’s (wired) camera is lukewarm compared to well-known cameras in space. The 2-megapixel camera sensor records video at 30 frames per second (fps) in 1080p, but there are now cameras that record in 2K and 4K. Overall, it produces adequate detail, but it doesn’t achieve the same level of clarity I’ve seen with the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor.

There are artifacts happening which is a bit annoying and becomes more noticeable when there are sudden changes in the ambient light. It also tends to saturate the colors a bit more, which sometimes seems unrealistic. When night vision continues, images tend to appear low contrast, which I guess is a good thing as it increases shadow exposure.

While I’m not blown away by the quality of the video, I have to admit that the Google Nest Cam (wired) does great with detection. So far this has been about to say between people and my cats, which are rated in the app.


What I really like about the latest set of Google Nest Cams is that they can all be turned off based on my phone’s location, allowing them to automatically turn on / off for a while. better confidentiality. Once home, the camera automatically turns off and then turns back on when I leave the geographically fenced area around my apartment. Not having to manually set the camera to home or away mode means less worry.

It is a simple camera which is effective in capturing events.

There is also a green LED light on the camera that lights up whenever the camera is active. These are just a few privacy features that I like about Google cameras. They also include up to three hours of video event history for free and record those clips for you to review. No subscription is needed for this, but if you want to extend the attribution, you’ll need to subscribe to Nest Aware, which costs $ 6 per month and provides 10 days of 24/7 video history, 60 days. video history of events.

Close-up of the camera lens on the Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired.
John Velasco / TechToSee

In the event of an internet outage, you can always have peace of mind because the Nest Cam (wired) will continue to record images locally. Unfortunately, it can’t do anything in the event of a power failure, which makes the battery-powered version more attractive.

Our opinion

Looking through the product category, Google’s offering here doesn’t try to blow the competition out of the water. This is not necessary as it is a simple camera which is effective in capturing events. At $ 100, that’s not too shabby considering that it takes away some of the frustrations I have with most security cameras – the frequent false alarms and their manual arming are two of the most glaring points.

Is there a better alternative?

When it comes to indoor cameras, the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera is its closest rival at the same cost of $ 100. I like it because it actually has a physical privacy shutter that goes over the lens to make sure no one is watching when they’re not supposed to, unlike Google’s software privacy feature which turns off the camera.

Another alternative is the Wyze Cam V3, which at under $ 40 is still one of the best value security camera deals you can get. It’s designed to work indoors and outdoors thanks to its weatherproof construction, plus you get the added convenience of local storage with its MicroSD slot.

If you’re an Alexa user, the Ring Indoor Cam offers similar features and performance for $ 60.

How long will it last?

Despite a chassis built from mostly recycled components, the Google Nest Cam (wired) looks like a well-designed, solidly built camera that’s well worth the price. There is a one year limited warranty that covers defects.

Should we buy it?

Yes, although it’s not the best deal Google has ever offered. While it doesn’t have the sharpness of other cameras, it does a great job providing meaningful alerts.

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