Google for India 2021 scheduled for November 18 – Here’s what to expect

Last year, the annual Google for India event — in its 6th edition — turned out to be a blockbuster. Google became very bullish on India and announced the Google Digitization Fund for India, through which it pledged to invest Rs 75,000 crore, or roughly $ 10 billion, in the country in 5 to 7 years.

So when the curtains for the 7th edition of the event are due to rise tomorrow, there is inevitably an air of expectation hovering above.

Launched in 2005, the annual event is highly anticipated as the tech giant unveils its plans and ideas for the country.

“Look at how far we have come, together. And this time around, we’re back with more product updates, more technological innovations and a growing commitment to India’s digital journey, ”said Google India.

Google and India, the story so far

Over the past five years Google, which is betting big on India, has had many interesting partnerships and initiatives here. Of course, the most important and the most interesting is its connection to the biggest Indian company Reliance for its JioPhone Next which was unveiled with great fanfare last week.

JioPhone Next is an affordable and one-of-a-kind smartphone based on an optimized version of Android called Pragati OS, customized to provide a new smartphone experience for users in India.

India-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “To build it (JioPhone Next), our teams had to work together to solve complex engineering and design challenges, and I’m excited to see how millions more people will use these devices to improve their lives and communities.

In addition, Google Cloud is also partnering with Jio for 5G services in India. Google Cloud Now Focuses On India’s Public Sector For Growth

Apart from that, over the past few years Google has added local language support for Lens, Translate, launched its Tez payment platform which is now popular as Google Pay. The Google Assistant has also been modified to understand local dialects for Indian users.

Last year, Google also announced a partnership with the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE) to enable 1 million teachers in 22,000 schools to deliver ‘blended learning’, a combination of online learning. and a classroom approach. In addition, Google also announced a new grant of $ 1 million (around Rs 7.51 crore) to train teachers in virtual education.

Google has also reworked Google Maps to add more personalized and accurate information, including transliterations into many local languages. Google also provides free Wi-Fi at over 400 Indian train stations and over 7.5 million monthly users.

Google has extended its support to 1 million rural women entrepreneurs in India. The tech company also launched “News Showcase” in India with 30 media outlets. It also unveiled its second cloud region in India, which is very crucial for the dynamism of Digital India.

When and where to follow the Google India event?

Speakers at the Google for India 2021 event.

The panel of speakers at the Google for India 2021 event. (Image credit: Google India)

The Google for India 2021 is unlikely to be any different, and the tech major is expected to announce a slew of new plans. Google for India 2021 will unveil a roadmap for how Google plans to bring the internet to everyone.

“In India, we want to bring the Internet to life for everyone. The more people have access to online tools, services, information and training, the more they can pursue their ambitions and realize their potential. We want to help Indians connect to the internet that meets their needs and helps them have a positive impact on their communities. We aim to achieve this with Indian user-centric programs and products, ”Google said.

Like last year, the event will be virtual and will be broadcast live and can be followed on YouTube tomorrow (November 18).

Indian Union ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Google’s Sanjay Gupta and Sapna Chadha, among others, are on the list of speakers for the event.


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