Google Cloud wants to boost your cloud computing skills

To help businesses with their digital transformation efforts, Google Cloud has announced its new goal of equipping more than 40 million people with cloud computing skills.

The company is launching Google Cloud Skills Boost, which will serve as the definitive destination for online learning, skills development and certifications that will be managed and delivered directly to Google Cloud.

Starting today, Google Cloud Skills Boost will provide users with access to over 700 hands-on workshops, role-based courses, skill badges and certification resources, including 16 new learning paths that will be available at worldwide demand.

Google Cloud’s new e-learning platform also offers all of the company’s most requested training, including courses like “Getting Started with Goggle Kubernetes Engine,” “How Google Does Learning automatic ”,“ Prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect Certification Exam ”and more. .

Google Cloud skills optimization

At launch, Google Cloud Skills Boost will be available in English and Japanese, although Google Cloud plans to add support for additional languages ​​in the future.

Service users will be able to personalize their learning paths, track their progress and validate their newly acquired expertise with skill badges that show employers their mastery of in-demand skills. These skills can help boost their careers, as two of the highest paying IT certifications this year are both on Google Cloud.

As innovation in the cloud occurs rapidly, Google Cloud teams will continue to update content and publish new workshops and courses every month.

Whether you are looking for a new job or a promotion in your current one, learning new skills in cloud computing can help you stand out from the competition. Google Cloud is also running a promotion where users who sign up for Google Cloud Skills Boost before November 6 will receive their first month of free content, making it even easier to obtain certification or acquire a new skill.

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