Google Assistant could inspire the next woman to change the world

To mark International Day of the Girl, the Google Assistant has acquired the ability to recite over 25 inspiring stories featuring female heroes.

By using the phrase “Hey Google, tell me a hero’s daughter story,” devices with the Google Assistant, including the Google Nest Home Hub, can tell a variety of fictional and non-fiction stories. of “hero’s daughter”. The new feature is part of Google’s “Digital Inclusion for Girls” program, a knockoff that aims to use the search giant’s technologies to “create opportunities for girls in the digital space”.

The idea behind telling female hero stories is to break down the tropes of female characters in fiction and non-fiction and highlight women of diverse backgrounds and address the topics of leadership, resolution. problems and more; these are often the themes of male stories.

“This effort was very personal to me – my son is five and I see him develop his perspective on people and the differences between them every day. It matters deeply to me that he considers girls and people of the world. entire as heroic, fierce, intelligent and successful, ”said Rebecca Nathenson, product manager for the Google Assistant Developer platform.

These inspiring tales include: “My Sister, Daisy,” which emphasizes family ties and gender identity, and “Marielle’s Sweet Shop,” which tells the story of a mother and daughter entrepreneurial duo. .

As such, it’s possible that hearing any of these stories is just what it takes to inspire the next female entrepreneur, visionary, CEO, or even America’s first female president. After all, inspiration can come from anywhere, even from a story the Google Assistant tells through a smart speaker.

There are over 25 exclusive non-fiction and fiction stories available on Capstone and The English Schoolhouse, developed by Earplay if you want to listen to more inspiring girl stories told through the Google Assistant.

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