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GoDaddy integrates new point of sale with WooCommerce to make in-person payments easier

After launching its own point of sale system in September, GoDaddy now makes it easier for merchants with a WooCommerce online store to accept payments in person.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world and is used to process billions of dollars in transactions. However, until now, integrating and managing in-person sales with a WooCommerce online store has been a long and complicated process.

When designing its new point of sale system, GoDaddy ensured that it was fully integrated with WooCommerce to allow online stores to integrate in-person selling into their existing sites faster so they can start selling immediately.

At the same time, this integration eliminates the need for multiple connections across all platforms, reduces training time, and allows stores to launch and start accepting in-person payments quickly.

Payment center

With GoDaddy Payment’s point-of-sale expansion, in-person and online transactions can be managed from the payment hub that serves as a convenient WooCommerce dashboard.

As GoDaddy Payments does not require a plug-in for online or in-store payments, once in-person selling is up and running in the payment center, businesses can securely accept payments wherever their customers are, whether in their window or at on-the-go events such as farmers’ markets or food trucks.

The dashboard also provides business owners with a clear view of their business status in a snapshot and serves as a single product catalog so developers or business owners can easily list products, manage returns. and refunds as well as their online and in-person inventory. .

Businesses that decide to goDaddy Payments will even be able to keep more of what they sell, as the company offers low transaction fees of 2.3% per in-person transaction and 2.3% plus 30 cents per online transaction.

If you already have a WooCommerce store and want to grow your business to accept in-person payments, GoDaddy’s new integration will make it much easier for you.


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