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Gmail for call-in support via Google Meet, integration of Spaces in a major update

Google brings the ability to make VoIP calls in Gmail. The feature will allow Gmail users to make and receive voice and video calls through Google Meet through Gmail mobile or web apps. While the standalone Google Meet app isn’t getting the feature right now, it should get it later as well.

The new calling functionality also means that users who place a call through Google Meet no longer need to generate a meeting link first, as they can now place a call directly.

“Our intention is to get Meet calls to all natural endpoints in Workspace where you would initiate an ad hoc call, including chats, people cards, and spaces, but this will come to the lead chats first. -one-on-one within the mobile Gmail app, ”said Sanaz Ahari, senior director of product management at Google.

Google Spaces is here

The company also provides its Spaces functionality. Spaces is a Slack-like platform that will allow users to collaborate through group chats directly from the Gmail app. Google previously integrated the integration of these workspace features into Gmail with new sections for chats and meetings, and now a Spaces section will also be present.

Announced earlier this year, the Spaces tab will also be integrated with other Google services, including Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Meet, Slides, Drive and more. The links, documents and files from these services can be easily shared through Spaces and the service will also keep the full history of group chat conversations.

Google Meet will soon offer new features

Meanwhile, Meet will also benefit from a ‘companion mode’ in November which will allow users to organize or join a meeting from a conference room using their laptops, without creating double audio layers from it. other devices in the room. The feature will allow members to use their laptops to share files and documents from their own devices during meetings.

The dedicated Google Meet app is expected to get live translated captions functionality by the end of the year. The company works on translating meetings from English to languages ​​such as German, Spanish, French and Portuguese. Google’s calendar is also getting a new update that allows team members to set their location at home, office, or elsewhere for each day of the week.

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