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GameStop PS5 restock today is the first of two times to buy the console, get it fast

The GameStop PS5 restock is today, September 14, and if you follow our PS5 replenishes Twitter tracker Matt Swider, it will send you the next PS5 replenishment alert if you follow their Twitter account and activate notifications. Matt tracks all major retailers in the United States, including GamStop, Best Buy Walmart, and Target, and while Sony Direct has the PS5 later today at MSRP, it’s so far limited to people with an invite by. E-mail. It’s always easier to buy the GameStop PS5 replenishment. Matt will also be doing a live broadcast to help you purchase the console.

Here’s how to know when the next PS5 restock will take place:

Matt has set up a GameStop PS5 replenishment live stream for today, and the start time is 10:30 am EDT, which is 30 minutes before the 11am EDT replenishment at the US retailer. He will explain how to buy the console.

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GameStop PS5 finally restocking the news

As we’ve reported all week, the GameStop PS5 is slated to have the most likely next PS5 restock, and the biggest games retailer in the US is known to have consoles on Tuesday. Well, September 14 is here and it has three consoles ready to order.

The good thing about GameStop is that it offers bundles and has a second barrier to entry through its GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro membership which costs $ 15. Some people don’t like it, but it rewards real gamers and almost shut down dealers. It is difficult for them to take advantage of specific PS5 games on the open market when those games are readily available at MSRP.

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Which GameStop PS5 packs are for sale?

Yes, GameStop only has packs today, but you’ll get at least two new games and a bunch of extras with the $ 745 PS5 Disc version. The PS5 Digital version costs $ 635 and includes more gift cards and a PS5 media remote.

PS5 restocking in GameStop packs

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There is always more inventory of PS5 discs, so we suggest you go for this version. The PS5 Digital is still selling fast due to higher demand and fewer units in all stores in the United States. Sony just doesn’t make this version of the console as much.

Is GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro required?

Yes, and that’s a good thing, according to Matt Swider. By requiring PowerUp Rewards Pro membership, GameStop creates a $ 15 barrier to entry. In addition to bundles, resellers stay away from this retailer as it eats away at their profits.

Normally GameStop says you need this subscription before midnight the night before, but that has never been true and has since given up on repeating that bogus rule. Just make sure you’re signed into your PowerUp Rewards Pro account before GameStop PS5 launches today.

What time is GameStop PS5 restocking?

That’s the question everyone wants to know, and the reason to keep following the PS5 Matt Swider replenishment tracker. GameStop typically stores the PS5 at 11 a.m. EDT / 8 a.m. PDT. There are three consoles, so the add to cart button will go live a few minutes before this time, but it won’t be available for purchase right away.

Most importantly, the systems require that you be a PowerUp Pro Rewards member. If you’re not signed in to your account, you can ditch it and wait for a possible Sony Direct PS5 replenishment later today, if it opens at 5 p.m. EDT for the console at MSRP.

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