For reporting the Amazon Games unit, “New World” “must be our breakthrough”

Written by Kellen Browning

Amazon has been successful in almost every industry it has entered, from books and races to cloud computing and movie streaming. So it has been confusing for many that success in the lucrative video game industry has eluded the tech giant.

Amazon gave the production of its own video games another try on Tuesday. After more than a year of delay, he released “New World”, an online multiplayer game in which players join factions, fight monsters, fight among themselves, and colonize a fictional island in the Atlantic Ocean.

The $ 40 computer game, which has received generally positive reviews as gamers have tested early versions in recent months, comes at a pivotal time for the tech giant’s disappointing gaming efforts.

After spending by some estimates in the hundreds of millions of dollars, neither of the other two big budget games that Amazon announced it was producing in 2016 alongside “New World” exists today. Some of its best gaming rookies have left over the years without releasing any notable titles. Last year, the company also pulled another game from the storefront after a poor reception.

Amazon’s biggest achievement in the gaming industry to date has been the acquisition of Twitch, the live video site, which the company bought in 2014 for around $ 1 billion. Amazon has also launched a new games subscription service, called Luna, and recently announced a new development studio in Montreal.

But success with its own games has been difficult for Amazon, which opened its games studio in 2012. Mike Frazzini, a longtime executive at the company, took the helm and said he wanted to make success. like “Minecraft”. Instead, although it has produced a handful of mobile titles, Amazon has canceled or terminated at least four larger games in the past few years.

One of the oft-cited reasons for Amazon’s struggles is that the typical mindset of big tech companies – taking an analytical approach of investing money in something, growing, and hoping for results – doesn’t work in a fickle arts industry like gaming, where users are quick to criticize and slow to welcome new entrants.

Players who played early versions of “New World” said it was colorful and action-packed. Amazon would not share sales figures, but said it had more than one million players during a two-week test period of the game over the summer.

This article originally appeared in The New York Times.

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