Firefox launches the Firefox suggestion feature which can bring advertisements: how to deactivate


Firefox introduces its Firefox Suggest feature, which is supposed to provide website suggestions in the address bar. The latest Firefox update 93.0 will introduce the feature, which will bring sponsored address bar suggestions to its browser.

This means that while browsing, Mozilla will present the content of its partners, based on the user’s search queries in the address bar. Ad links will appear next to all the usual search suggestions, and users might find this intrusive.

The internet is already full of ads, and adding those ads to the address bar might hinder the experience. Mozilla calls this feature Firefox Suggest.

According to the Firefox support page, Firefox Suggest is a “feature that serves as a reliable guide to a better web, bringing up relevant information and sites to help you achieve your goals.” These relevant suggestions come “from partners you trust depending on what you are looking for.”

After updating to the latest version, the browser will send you a message notification asking you to activate Firefox Suggest.

If you want to enable these suggestions, you can tap “Allow Suggestions” or click “Customize in Settings” to customize the experience and the types of suggestions that will appear.

The company has partnered with adMarketplace to offer sponsored results to its users. Fortunately, if you want to turn off the feature, you can do so.

How to turn off sponsored suggestions on Firefox

1. Open the Firefox browser
2. Click on the top menu button
3. Click Settings> Privacy & Security.
4. Visit the address bar options
5. Head to the Suggest section of Firefox
6. To enable or disable the feature, check or uncheck the box next to Pop-up Suggestions.
7. To enable or disable traditional address bar suggestions, check or uncheck the associated boxes.


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